Jacob Remaley photos

Jacob Remaley Teen Killer Murders Mother And Brother

Jacob Remaley was fourteen years old when he fatally shot his mother and brother in Pennsylvania. According to court documents Jacob Remaley would steal his fathers gun and fatally shoot his mother and then went to the room of his eight year old brother and fatally shot him. Jacob Remaley would phone 911 and tell […]

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hunter reeser photos

Hunter Reeser Teen Killer Murders Grandma

Hunter Reeser was fourteen years old when he shot and killed his grandmother in Erie Pennsylvania. According to court documents Hunter Reeser who was dealing with mental health issues was upset with his grandmother as he did not want to attend a meeting at his school. Hunter Reeser would grab a gun and shoot his […]

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maxwell morton photos

Maxwell Morton Teen Killer – Shoots Friend Takes A Selfie

Maxwell Morton was sixteen years old when he would shoot his friend and then take a selfie. According to court documents Maxwell Morton told police that he asked his friend Ryan Mangan to take a photo of him holding a gun, then the gun accidentally went off striking Ryan. Now instead of calling 911 like […]

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Tristan Stahley photos

Tristan Stahley Teen Killer Stabs Girlfriend To Death

Tristan Stahley was sixteen years old when he stabbed his girlfriend to death in Pennsylvania. According to court documents Tristan Stahley met the victim at a park and when she attempted to break up with him the teen killer would stab the teenage girl repeatedly causing her death. This teen killer would be sentenced to […]

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Stanley Kralik photos

Stanley Kralik Teen Killer Beats Man To Death

Stanley Kralik was seventeen when he beat a man to death. According to court documents Stanley Kralik thought that one of his friends was sexually assaulted by an ex Marine. Stanley Kralik and Oliver Trizarri lured the victim to the woods, choked and beat him to death with a shovel. This teen killer was convicted of […]

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Jamie Silvonek photos

Jamie Silvonek Teen Killer Murders Mother In Pennsylvania

Jamie Silvonek was fourteen when she helped murder her mother. According to court documents fourteen year old Jamie Silvonek began dating twenty one year old Caleb Barnes and when her mother found out she threatened to phone the police. The young couple were returning from a concert when they brutally attacked the mother, stabbing her […]

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