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saucy and honey

Saucy and Honey Target Fail

Saucy and Honey are a couple who post videos on YouTube and their latest video “24 HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE IN TARGET!! (CAUGHT?!?)” ended with both of them facing up to seven years in prison. Saucy and Honey whose real names are Johnson Larose, 25, and Charlotte Fischer, 24, decided to do the whole 24 hour challenge like a number of other YouTubers so they went into… Read More »Saucy and Honey Target Fail

ashton neroes

Ashton Neroes AKA Best Dad Charged With Wife’s Murder

Ashton Neroes was a man who posted under the name “Best Dad” on Youtube would be charged with the brutal murder of his wife. According to court documents Ashton Neroes was upset that his wife was filing for divorce so he would shoot her ten times in front of her children. Texas prosecutors have yet to say whether or not they are seeking the death… Read More »Ashton Neroes AKA Best Dad Charged With Wife’s Murder

austin jones

Austin Jones Celebrity Crime

Austin Jones was a popular YouTuber until his followers found out what he was using his young fan base for. Austin Jones who would later admit to asking young female followers to send private videos to him in order to prove that they were his biggest fans. According to deal he made with prosecutors he asked over thirty young fans to do this. Austin Jones… Read More »Austin Jones Celebrity Crime

daniel silva

Daniel Silva Celebrity Crime

Daniel Silva was a popular YouTuber and celebrity tattoo artist when he was charged with the murder of Corey La Barrie. Corey La Barrie who was also a fellow YouTuber went out with Daniel Silva on his birthdate to celebrate. Daniel Silva was driving a high powered vehicle when he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a tree in North Hollywood. Corey La… Read More »Daniel Silva Celebrity Crime