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Officer Steven Cugini Sexually Assaults Infant

Steven Cugini
Steven Cugini

Police Officer Steven Cugini from York Pennsylvania has been charged with the sexual assault of a thirteen month old infant

According to police reports Steven Cugini would lock himself in a bathroom with the thirteen month old infant and allegedly sexually assaulted the little girl

The little girl would end up with a broken tibia and fibula. The infant also showed obvious signs of sexual violence

Steven Cugini would tell his fellow officers that the infant sustained the injuries during a fall during bath time

Needless to say no one is believing Steven Cugini story and he has been arrested and charged with rape of a child, aggravated indecent assault of a child, and aggravated assault. Cugini has been suspended by the York Pennsylvania police department

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Steven Cugini News

The Dauphin County DA confirms that Cugini was released from prison Thursday after posting his $200,000 bail.

The DA also stated that while on bail, Cugini is not allowed contact with the victim or any other minor.

A York City police officer has been arrested on charges of rape and aggravated indecent assault of a 13-month-old child.

Police report that Officer Steven Kyle Cugini was arrested without incident on April 16th following an investigation led by the PSP Lykens Criminal Investigation Unit.

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Lykens first responded to reports of severe bruising of a 13-month-old between April 11 and April 15. This spurred an investigation into the incident in where investigators found that the victim had suffered broken bones, severe bruising, and sexual violence.

Authorities report that the child was admitted to Hershey Medical Center where their injuries were reviewed by the Dauphin County Child Abuse Team and PSP.

According to criminal complaints, the child suffered a broken tibia and fibula on her left leg and other injuries that medical professionals say is evidence of sexual abuse.

Charging documents allege that Cugini first blamed the injuries on diaper rash, a fall, and the family dog. After police questioning, he allegedly eventually admitted to police that the injuries occurred while he had been caring for the child alone.

Criminal charges were approved by Dauphin County DA’s office on April 16, leading to Cugini’s later arrest. Per police protocol, Cugini has been immediately suspended while the investigation continues.

“As everyone knows,” Commissioner Michael Muldrow states in a release, “I will always be the first to fight and advocate for our people; but they also know (1) how I feel about kids, and (2) that I hold my Officers to the highest of standards when it comes to representing this Department and engaging with the community.”

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