Aubrey Trail Nebraska Death Row

aubrey trail 2021 photos

Aubrey Trail was sentenced to death and remain on Nebraska death row for a brutal murder. According to court documents Aubrey Trail and his girlfriend Bailey Boswell would lure the victim Sydney Loofe over the dating app Tinder. Once Sydney Loofe arrived Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell would attempt to convince her to join their … Read more

Anthony Garcia Nebraska Death Row

anthony garcia nebraska death row

Anthony Garcia was sentenced to death by the State of Nebraska for the murders of four people at the Creighton Medical Center. According to court documents Anthony Garcia was fired from the Creighton Medical Center, and would return years to later to extract his revenge. The first two murders occurred in 2008 when Garcia fatally … Read more

Patrick Schroeder Nebraska Death Row

Patrick Schroeder nebraska death row

Patrick Schroeder was sentenced to death by the State of Nebraska for a prison murder. According to court documents Patrick Schroeder was already serving a life sentence for murder when he murdered his cell mate by strangulation. At his trial Patrick Schroeder would tell the judge if he was given another life sentence he would … Read more