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Nikko Jenkins Nebraska Death Row

nikko jenkins

Nikko Jenkins is currently on death row in Nebraska for the murders of four people. Nikko Jenkins who was just released from prison a month prior would murder the four victims in a series of robberies. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Nikko Jenkins who is classified as a spree killer however an argument could be made to call him a serial killer.

Nikko Jenkins Early Years

Nikko Jenkins was literally raised in a family of criminals. He would only be seven years old the first time that he ran into trouble with the law when he brought a loaded gun to school. This would not be the last time

Nikko Jenkins would be in and out of group homes and juvenile facilities until he was fifteen years old when he would be arrested for an armed carjacking that would send him to prison for the next decade.

Nikko Jenkins Murders

Nikko Jenkins would be released from prison and soon would be back to his criminal ways. With the help of his sister and cousin Jenkins would set up the first two victims with the help of his sister and cousin.

Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz were lured to a hotel with the promise of sex not knowing they were walking into an ambush. His sister and cousin would later claim that they thought it would be a straight up robbery however Nikko Jenkins would fatally shoot both men.

A little over a week later Nikko Jenkins would murder Curtis Bradford a man that he had met in prison and was on friendly terms with. The two would hang out the night before the murder. Reportedly Nikko Jenkins sister would tell him that Bradford was responsible for shooting up their home. Nikko Jenkins would fatally shoot Curtis Bradford

The last victim was Andrea Krueger who was dragged from her vehicle and shot multiple times.

Nikko Jenkins Arrest And Trial

Nikko Jenkins would be arrested nine days later on a count of uttering terrorist threats and soon after Nebraska police would realize that Nikko was responsible for the spree of murders that took place in the prior weeks

Realizing that the evidence against him was overwhelming Nikko Jenkins would confess to the four murders. Jenkins who would plead guilty to all four murders however his sanity would come into question

Nikko Jenkins would be tested by a number of doctors who in the end would declare him competent to stand trial. Jenkins would be found guilty of all four murders but before he could be sentenced his competency would again be called into question. Again Nikko would be declared competent and a few of the doctors believed he was faking.

Jenkins who was called one of the most dangerous men in Nebraska history would be sentenced to death in May 2017 for the four murders and would receive an additional 450 years.

Nikko Jenkins 2021 Information

  • Nikko Jenkins
  • Birth Date – 09/16/1986

Nikko Jenkins More News

On Sept. 3, 2013, Nikko Jenkins confessed to an Omaha murder spree that took the lives of four people during a police interrogation. In the interrogation, Jenkins says the murders were acts of sacrifice to Apophis.

“Do you not realize I’ve got Nikko Jenkins?” the detective asks in the video above. “I got Nikko Jenkins. I got you! I’ve got your DNA at the murder scene. I’ve got your DNA in the car. I’ve got the weapon. I’ve got Nikko Jenkins.”

Jenkins was 30 when he was convicted of killing three men and a young mother — Juan Uribe-Pena, Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford and Andrea Kruger — over a 10 day period. Jenkins began his murder spree less than two weeks after his release from prison. Bradford was the only victim Jenkins knew, having met him in prison. All others were randomly targeted.

Jenkins admitted to investigators that he shot Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, each in the head, and took one of their wallets. Investigators believe the two were lured there under the guise of having sexual relations with women.

Jenkins also admitted to Bradford’s murder, saying he had to use a shotgun to finish him off since a revolver didn’t kill him.

Jenkins said he encountered Kruger, who authorities believe was heading home from work, at a west Omaha bar.

Detectives testified that Jenkins watched Kruger leave McDonald’s and stopped in front of her at the intersection where she was later found dead. Jenkins admitted to investigators, that Kruger pleaded with him to let her go, but he ultimately shot her in the head three times and once in the chest.

Testimony in court Tuesday revealed that Jenkins drove her car to 40th Street, where he “gave it to a crackhead to burn.”

A three judge panel sentenced Nikko Jenkins to death four times for four murders nearly four years after a summer killing rampage. Additionally, he received up to 500 years in prison for his remaining counts.

“This is one of the worst killing sprees in the history of this state,” Judge Peter Battalion said.

Jenkins told investigators Egyptian demons were possessing him and that the only way he could get rid of terrible headaches brought on by the demons was to kill people.

Despite courtroom outbursts that included speaking in tongues and laughter, Jenkins insisted he was not crazy.

“This is what I want the public to know. I never ever deemed myself to be incompetent or lacking in intellectual capacities. I am a high-functioning, mentally ill patient. There are 4 percent high functioning, severely suffering from psychosis in this country,” Jenkins said.

Nikko Jenkins Other News

The Supreme Court is passing for now on deciding whether juries must find all facts necessary to impose a death sentence or whether judges can play a role, an issue Nebraska and Missouri death row inmates had asked the court to take up.

The high court on Monday declined to hear appeals brought by Nikko Jenkins in Nebraska and Craig Wood in Missouri. The court, as is usual, didn’t comment in turning away the cases.

Jenkins is on death row in Nebraska after killing four people in Omaha shortly after his 2013 release from prison, where he had served 10 years for two carjackings. Jenkins pleaded no contest to the killings, and a three-judge panel was appointed to sentence him. Jenkins waived his right to have a jury assess aggravating circumstances, and the panel sentenced him to death.

Wood is on death row in Missouri after being convicted of kidnapping, raping and killing 10-year-old Hailey Owens in 2014. The jury that convicted Wood couldn’t decide whether to sentence him to death or life in prison without parole. That left the decision up to the judge who oversaw Wood’s trial.

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