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  • Serial Killertool box killers lawrence bittaker

    Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris Tool Box Killers

    Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris were a pair of serial killers who were known as the Tool Box Killers and to be honest the best part of their story is that they are both dead. The Tool Box Killers who were responsible for five murders of teenage girls in 1979. Even though the number of murders that they are responsible…

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  • Crime Newsjohn richardson

    John Richardson Potential Serial Killer Arrested

    North Carolina police have arrested John Richardson who has been tied to three separate murders and authorities are now searching for more victims. According to police reports John Richardson allegedly murdered his first victim back in January 25 2022 when he murdered Michael Hemphill who was shot and died in the hospital on February 1, 2022. The second victim Mark…

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  • Serial KillerBilly-Chemirmir

    Billy Chemirmir Charged With Killing 18 Women

    Billy Chemirmir is an alleged serial killer who is on trial for the murder of 18 women in the Dallas Texas area. According to police reports Billy Chemirmir was arrested after a 91 year old woman told officers that a man forced his way into her home and stole a number of items. When police arrested Billy Chemirmir he had a number of…

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  • Serial Killerrichard paul white

    Richard Paul White Serial Killer Bodies In The Backyard

    Richard Paul White is a serial killer from Colorado who was responsible for at least three murders. According to court documents Richard Paul White would sexually assault and murder two women Annaletia Maria Gonzales, 27, and Victoria Lyn Turpin, 32, whose bodies would be buried in his backyard. Richard Paul White was also convicted of the murder of Jason Reichardt,…

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  • Crime NewsHarvey Marcelin

    Harvey Marcelin Charged With 3rd Murder

    Harvey Marcelin is a transgender woman who has just been charged with her third murder. According to police reports Harvey Marcelin spent time in prison for two murders, one committed in 1963 and the other committed in 1983, and was on lifetime parole has been charged with the dismemberment murder of Susan Leyden whose body parts were found scattered around…

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  • Serial Killerrobert hayes serial killer

    Robert Hayes Serial Killer Convicted Of 3 Murders

    Robert Hayes is a serial killer from Florida who was just convicted of three murders and is accused of more. According to court documents Robert Hayes would murder sex workers from 2005 to 2006. At the time Robert Hayes was attending Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach and during his senior year he would murder Laquetta Gunther, 45,  Julie Green, 34…

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  • Crime NewsPaul Apodaca

    Paul Apodaca Indicted On 3 Murders

    Paul Apodaca is a man from New Mexico who police believe is a serial killer and has just been indicted on three counts of murders and sexual assaults. According to police between the years of 1988 to 1989 three people were murdered in New Mexico: 13-year-old Stella Gonzales, 21-year-old Althea Oakeley, and 19-year-old Kaitlyn Arquette. Stella Gonzales and Kaitlyn Arquette were both fatally…

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  • Serial Killerrobert maudsley

    Robert Maudsley The Man In The Glass Cage

    Robert Maudsley is a serial killer from England that is believed to be so dangerous that he is kept in a glass cage in the basement of the prison he calls home. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a look at Robert Maudsley the serial killer who has been called Hannibal The Cannibal. Robert Maudsley Early…

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  • Crime NewsWilliam Husel

    William Husel Alleged Serial Killer Trial Begins

    Former Doctor William Husel trial is to begin this week in Ohio where he is facing fourteen counts of murder however many are wondering whether his intent was to kill or to help. According to police records William Husel, who was initially charged with 25 murders, gave a large dose of painkillers to dozens of patients who were near death.…

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  • Serial KillerRadik Tagirov

    Radik Tagirov Granny Strangler Serial Killer

    Radik Tagirov is an alleged serial killer from Russia who has just been charged with 32 murders. Radik Tagirov who according to police reports is known as the Granny Strangler as he posed as a social worker or maintenance worker to gain entry into elderly women’s homes. As his moniker states Radik Tagirov would then strangle the women. According to…

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  • Serial Killerbruce mcarthur

    Bruce McArthur Toronto Serial Killer

    Bruce McArthur is a Canadian serial killer who operated in the Toronto Ontario area from 2010 to 2017. The Toronto Police Department took a pretty big hit from newspapers as many believed he could have been stopped much earlier but because of the bias against the gay community there concerns were not taken seriously. In this article on My Crime…

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  • Serial Killerdennis rader

    Dennis Rader BTK Serial Killer

    Dennis Rader is a serial killer who was known at the BTK killer. BTK which stands for Bind, Torture and Kill reign of terror starting in 1974 and ending with his arrest in 1991. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at Dennis Rader the BTK killer. Dennis Rader Early Years Dennis…

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  • Serial Killercraig bjork

    Craig Bjork The Serial Killer You Have Never Heard Of

    Craig Bjork is a serial killer that most people have never heard of unless they are from Minnesota and have a long memory and the name Craig Jackson rings a bell. Craig Bjork started his criminal ways back in Minnesota when he would murder four people including two of his toddlers. This mass murder crime is one of the worst…

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  • Crime NewsWilly Suarez Maceo

    Willy Suarez Maceo Alleged Serial Killer Charged With 2 Murders

    Willy Suarez Maceo is the latest alleged serial killer from Florida as he has just been charged with two counts of murder. According to police reports Willy Suarez Maceo, who was working as a realtor in Florida, would drive around in his black Dodge Charger and fire a 9mm gun at homeless people sleeping on the street. According to Miami…

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  • Serial KillerElizabeth Wettlaufer

    Elizabeth Wettlaufer Serial Killer

    Elizabeth Wettlaufer is in a unique club as she is one of the very few female serial killers in Canadian history. Elizabeth Wettlaufer was a nurse who was responsible for the murders of eight people and the attempted murders of at least six more. In this article we will take a closer look at Elizabeth Wettlaufer. Elizabeth Wettlaufer Early Years…

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  • Serial Killerwilliam fyfe

    William Patrick Fyfe Serial Killer

    William Patrick Fyfe is a serial killer and serial rapist from Canada who is responsible for five murders however is believed to be responsible for more. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at William Patrick Fyfe who police believe is also The Plumber rapist William Patrick Fyfe Early Years William Patrick Fyfe was…

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  • Serial Killermichael wayne mcgray

    Michael Wayne McGray Serial Killer

    Michael Wayne McGray is a serial killer from Canada and even when he was put in prison his killing ways did not stop. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at Michael Wayne McGray Michael Wayne McGray Early Life Michel Wayne McGray was born in Collingwood Ontario however he would grow up…

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  • Serial Killerharold shipman

    Harold Shipman Serial Killer

    When it comes to serial killers the majority that people talk about are from the United States however one of the worst serial killers in recent history is Harold Shipman a former doctor whose victims may number over 250 . In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Harold Shipman who is commonly referred…

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  • Death Row InmatesFaryion Wardrip

    Faryion Wardrip Texas Death Row

    Faryion Wardrip was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for the murders of five women. According to court documents in a three year span Faryion Wardrip would murder five women Terry Sims, 20; Toni Gibbs, 23; Debra Taylor, 25; Ellen Bau, 21, and Tina Kimbrew, 21. Faryion Wardrip who had just been released from prison for yet another…

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  • Death Row Inmatesdavid wood texas

    David Wood Texas Death Row

    David Wood was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for the murders of six girls. According to court documents David Wood would murder Rosa Maria Casio, 24; Ivy Susanna Williams, 23; Karen Baker, 20; Angelica Frausto, 17; Desiree Wheatley, 15; and Dawn Marie Smith, 14. All were killed in 1987. David Wood would be arrested, convicted and sentenced…

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