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indiana execution

Eric Wrinkles

Eric Wrinkles Indiana Execution

Eric Wrinkles was executed by the State of Indiana for a triple murder. According to court documents Eric Wrinkles was hospitalized for mental illness a couple of weeks before the triple murder by his mother. However the stay would be short as doctors at the mental health facility deemed him not to be a risk to himself or others. Once released Eric Wrinkles would go… Read More »Eric Wrinkles Indiana Execution

steven judy

Steven Judy Indiana Execution

Steven Judy was executed by the State of Indiana for the murders of a mother and her children. According to court documents Steven Judy would murder Terry Lee Chasteen and her three children, Misty Ann, Steve and Mark, on April 28, 1979. Steven Judy would confess to his foster mother while he was on Indiana death row that he was responsible for a number of… Read More »Steven Judy Indiana Execution