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Steven Judy was executed by the State of Indiana for the murders of a mother and her children. According to court documents Steven Judy would murder Terry Lee Chasteen and her three children, Misty Ann, Steve and Mark, on April 28, 1979. Steven Judy would confess to his foster mother while he was on Indiana death row that he was responsible for a number of other murders of women across the USA. Steven Judy would be executed by electric chair on March 9, 1981.

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Terry Lee Chasteen started her work day April 28, 1979, with her normal routine of taking her three young children to their baby sitter’s house. Along the way, Chasteen had car trouble. The single mom pulled to the side of the road and readily accepted help from a man who she thought was simply being a Good Samaritan.

Steven Judy was anything but a Good Samaritan.

After fixing her tire but disabling her car, Judy offered Chasteen and her children a ride.

1979 Steven Judy booking mug.

Within an hour, Terry and her children were dead. Judy savagely raped and strangled Chasteen and threw her three children into White Lick Creek near Mooresville. The children — Misty Ann, 5; Steve, 4; and Mark, 2 — drowned.

Judy was tried in Martinsville in January 1980 and initially maintained his innocence. He later confessed and was sentenced to the electric chair.

Steven T. Judy was executed March 9, 1981. He ordered prime rib and lobster for his last meal. His final words before execution were, “I don’t hold no grudges. This is my doing. Sorry it happened.”

State death penalty laws were overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1972. Many states, including Indiana, passed new laws that met the criteria outlined by the high court. Indiana’s death penalty was reinstated in 1977, and Judy was the first to go to the electric chair after that.

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