sebastian dowll and amanda bennett photos

Amanda Bennett And Sebastian Dowell Missouri Murder

Amanda Bennett and Sebastian Dowell were two teenagers in Missouri who decided that they wanted to kill someone. According to court documents Amanda Bennett and Sebastian Dowell texted four people asking them if they wanted to hang out. Unfortunately for Kaytlin Root she answered the text and soon after the young woman would be dead. […]

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Levi Elliott photos

Levi Elliott Teen Killer Shoots Little Sister

Levi Elliott was fifteen years old when he fatally shot his twelve year old stepsister. According to court documents Levi Elliott would fatally shoot Sierra Elliott while his father and stepmother were out of town. Levi would leave the home and hitchhike to where his mother lived. Upon arrival she brought him to a police […]

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Tristan Potts photos

Tristan Potts Teen Killer Murders 12 Year Old Sister

Tristan Potts was thirteen years old when he murdered his twelve year old sister. According to court documents Tristan Potts and his sister Teresa Potts were both adopted out of the foster care system. On the day of the murder this teen killer would open fire on his sister than flee the home headed for […]

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Gypsy Rose Nicholas Godejohn photos

The Story Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

The strange case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and the murder of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard is to put it plainly, odd. The case started when Gypsy Rose was just a toddler and her mother, Dee Dee, would tell people how sick her little girl was suffering from a series of deadly disorders. Of course […]

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Christopher Simmons photos

Christopher Simmons Teen Killer Sentenced To Death In Oklahoma

 Christopher Simmons was seventeen years old when he would murder a woman in Missouri. According to court documents  Christopher Simmons and two younger friends Charles Benjamin and John Tessmer would plan a robbery and a murder. John Tessmer would drop out of the plan however Christopher Simmons and Charles Benjamin would kidnap the woman after […]

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Ray and Faye Copeland

Ray And Faye Copeland Serial Killers

Ray and Faye Copeland are unusual for a couple of reasons when it comes to serial killers. The first being their age as both were in their late sixties when the murders took place and the second being couple serial killers are rare. Ray and Faye grew up in the Great Depression and obviously things […]

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keaira brown images

Keaira Brown Teen Killer Murders Man During Carjacking

Keaira Brown was just thirteen years old when she murdered a teenager during a carjacking. According to court documents Keaira attempted to steal a vehicle at gunpoint and when the young driver did not respond fast enough he was shot and killed. Due to her young age at the time of the murder there was […]

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Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante Teen Killer Murders 9 Year Old Girl In Missouri

Alyssa Bustamante was fifteen years old when she lured a nine year old girl into the woods and killed her. According to Bustamante she wanted to see what it felt like to murder someone. This teen killer who had planned on killing two other children and had already predug two graves would be convicted and […]

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