• Death Row Inmateskenneth thompson

    Kenneth Thompson Murdered In Prison

    Kenneth Thompson was sentenced to death by the State of Arizona however other prisoners decided to speed up the time line and would murder him inside of the Arizona Department Of Corrections. Kenneth Thompson would receive a death sentence after traveling from Missouri to Arizona where he would murder his sister in law and her boyfriend before setting the house on…

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  • US ExecutionAllen Nicklasson

    Allen Nicklasson Missouri Execution

    Allen Nicklasson was executed by the State of Missouri for the murder of a man that stopped to help. According to court documents Allen Nicklasson, Dennis Skillicorn and Tim DeGraffenreid decided to drive to Kansas City to buy drugs and along the way there car broke down. The three men robbed a house and stole guns and money. When the…

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  • US Executionjoseph franklin

    Joseph Franklin Missouri Execution

    Joseph Franklin was executed by the State of Missouri for a murder that took place in 1977. According to court documents Joseph Franklin was a life long criminal who was responsible for a series of murders and attempted murders across the United States for two decades. Among the crimes that he was convicted of was six murders and a number…

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  • US ExecutionJohn Winfield - Missouri

    John Winfield Missouri Execution

    John Winfield was executed by the State of Missouri for a double murder in 1996. According to court documents John Winfield went to his ex girlfriiends apartment and would shoot and kill Shawnee Murphy and Arthea Sanders. John Winfield would also shoot his ex girlfriend leaving her blind. John Winfield would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. John Winfield…

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  • Death Row Inmatesmissouri

    Missouri Death Row Inmate List

    Missouri Death Row for men is located at the Potosi Correctional Center (PCC). The Missouri Death Row for women is located at the Fulton Correctional Center (FCC). Missouri primary method of execution is lethal injection Missouri Death Row Inmate List Missouri Department of Corrections does not maintain a death row inmate roster

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  • Death Row Inmatesrobert bolden federal death row

    Robert Bolden Federal Death Row

    Robert Bolden was sentenced to death for the murder of a bank guard in St. Louis Missouri. According to court documents Robert Bolden plan was to disarm the guard and use him as a hostage however the guard resisted and Bolden would shoot and kill him. Robert Bolden, who was born in Canada, was sent to Federal Death Row Federal…

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  • Serial KillerJoseph Franklin

    Joseph Franklin Serial Killer Executed In Missouri

    Joseph Franklin was a serial killer who would be executed by the State of Missouri for the murders of eight people. Joseph Franklin who was a white supremacist was also convicted in the attempted murder of Hustler founder Larry Flynt. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Joseph Franklin. Joseph Franklin Early Life…

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  • Serial KillerRay and Faye Copeland

    Ray and Faye Copeland Serial Killers

    Ray and Faye Copeland were two serial killers from Missouri that are a bit odd for a number of reasons including the fact that they were married and for their ages by the time they would go on trial for multiple murders. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at Ray and…

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  • Women On Death Rowlisa montgomery

    Lisa Montgomery Execution

    Lisa Montgomery would be executed for the murder of Bobbi Jo Stinnett on January 13, 2021 by lethal injection. According to court documents Lisa Montgomery had struck up a friendship with Bobbi Jo Stinnett over dog shows and on a website regarding rat terriers. Soon the two women were emailing each other and Lisa Montgomery would tell Bobbi Jo Stinnett…

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  • Teen Killersalyssa bustamante

    Alyssa Bustamante

    Alyssa Bustamante was fifteen years old when she murdered nine year old Elizabeth Olten. This teen killer who planned to kill more people would be arrested and sentenced to life in prison Make Sure To Check Out Alyssa Bustamante Main Page Alyssa Bustamante – Teen Thrill Killer Alyssa Bustamante Could Get Paroled Some Day A teenager who slit her young…

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