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John Winfield - Missouri

John Winfield was executed by the State of Missouri for a double murder in 1996. According to court documents John Winfield went to his ex girlfriiends apartment and would shoot and kill Shawnee Murphy and Arthea Sanders. John Winfield would also shoot his ex girlfriend leaving her blind. John Winfield would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. John Winfield would be executed by lethal injection on June 18 2014

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The state of Missouri carried out its fifth execution of the year overnight.  John Winfield was put to death for murdering two St. Louis County women in 1996.  The rampage left another woman blind.  The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals inside lifted a stay of execution in Winfield`s case Tuesday.  The U.S. Supreme Court then refused to stop it and Governor Nixon denied clemency.

Winfield was put to death by lethal injection at the prison in Bonne Terre at 12:01a.m. this morning.  The 46-year-old University City man appeared to take four or five deep breaths as the drug was injected, then puffed his cheeks.  He was pronounced dead at 12:10a.m.

Winfield was arrested back in September of 1996, the day after he shot and killed Shawnee Murphy and Arthea Sanders at their Vinita Park apartment building.  He also shot his ex-girlfriend, Carmelita Donald, leaving her blind.  The three women were all friends that lived in the apartments.

Winfield was angry because Donald, who is also the mother of his two children- was dating somebody else.  Winfield went to the apartments and confronted Carmelita.  Winfield shot and killed Arthea first, then shot Carmelita and finally Shawnee.  There were several witnesses to the execution including Carmelita Donald, her father and two sisters.  Five of Shawnee Murphy`s family members were there as well as Winfield`s mother, daughter and two friends.  There were no representatives for Arthea Sanders.

Winfield made no final statement and refused a final meal.

The families did not speak publicly either.  Winfield was executed just after another convicted killer, Marcus Wellons, was put to death in Georgia.  Wellons was the first person to be executed in the nation since the botched execution in Oklahoma back on April 29th.

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