Georgia Death Row Inmate List

georgia death row

Georgia Men Death Row Inmates are housed at the Georgia Diagnostic & Classification Prison. The Georgia Women Death Row Inmates are housed at the Arrendale State Prison. In Georgia there are three crimes that can earn someone the death penalty: Murder, Sexual Assault and Kidnapping.

Georgia Death Row Inmate List – Women

Tiffany Moss

Georgia Death Row Inmate List – Men

Brian Wayne Brookins

Cleveland Clark

Leonard Drane

Ricky Dubose

David Homer Edenfield

John Esposito

David Scott Franks

Adrian Hargrove

Jerry Heidler

Dallas Holiday

Stacey Ian Humphreys

Ashley Lyndol Jones

Jerry William Jones

Warren King

James Allyson Lee

Pablo Maldonado

Dekelvin Martin

Michael Miller

Jeremy Moody

Michael Wayne Nance

Dorian O’kelley

Lyndon Fitzgerald Pace

Willie Palmer

Virgil Presnell

Willie James Pye

Mustafa Raheem

Billy Daniel Raulerson

Lawrence Rice

Reinaldo Rivera

James Rogers

Richard Sealey

DeMarcus Sears

Darryl Scott Stinski

Nicholas Tate

Leon Tollette

Frederick Whatley

Joseph Williams

Demetrius Willis

Rodney Young

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