prison murder

dustin lynch photos

Dustin Lynch Teen Killer Murders Teen With A Bedpost

Dustin Lynch was fifteen years old when he murdered a teenage girl. According to court documents Dustin Lynch would beat the victim with a bedpost before fatally stabbing her to death. Dustin Lynch would be sentenced to life in prison without parole. While in prison this teen killer would murder his cellmate Dustin Lynch 2020 […]

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john hovey photos

John Hovey Teen Killer Murders Parents In New Mexico

John Hovey was sixteen when he murdered his parents. According to court documents John Hovey would sneak into his parents bedroom and would open fire killing his parents. This teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison however he was not done killing yet. This teen killer thought a paraplegic inmate was telling on […]

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jacob philip photos

Denver Simmons and Jacob Philip Receive Multiple Life Sentences

Denver Simmons (top photo) and Jacob Philip were two inmates at Kirkland Correctional Institution in South Carolina who were tired of prison life so they decided instead of killing themselves they were going to murder a number of fellow prisoners in order to get the death sentence. Denver Simmons and Jacob Philip who were both […]

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Rocky Ali Beamon photos

Rocky Beamon Sentenced To Death Again In Florida

Rocky Beamon has been sentenced to death in Florida once again. Beamon who was initially sentenced to life in prison in 2005 would commit his first prison murder in 2012 in which he was sentenced to death earlier this year. Now Rocky Beamon was convicted with the murder of yet another inmate. According to court […]

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Dylan Cardeilhac photos

Dylan Cardeilhac Teen Killer Murders A Prison Guard In Nebraska

Dylan Cardeilhac was already in jail awaiting sentencing for an armed robbery when he murdered a correctional guard when he was sixteen years old . Dylan Cardeilhac according to court documents would attack the correctional guard and would choke her until she stopped breathing and causing her death. Dylan Cardeilhac would end up being convicted […]

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Jaime Osuna A Dangerous Man

Jaime Osuna A Man Or A Monster Jaime Osuna is a dangerous man and there are a lot of questions aimed at the California Department Of Corrections on why this predator was given a cellmate which even his own family say was a bad idea. Jaime Osuna was already in prison for the rest of […]

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