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Billy Tracy Texas Death Row

billy tracy

Billy Tracy was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for a prison murder. According to court documents Billy Tracy would beat to death Correctional Officer Timothy Davison at the Barry Telford Unit. Billy Tracy would slip out of his handcuffs and would use a metal bar to beat the Officer to death. Billy Tracy would be convicted and sentenced to death.

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Billy Tracy 2021 Information

NameTracy, Billy Joel
TDCJ Number999607
Date of Birth11/30/1977
Date Received11/15/2017
Age (when Received)39
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed)11th Grade/GED
Date of Offense07/15/2015
 Age (at the time of Offense)37
 Hair ColorBrown
 Height (in Feet and Inches)5′ 9″
 Weight (in Pounds)174
 Eye ColorHazel
 Native CountyDallas
 Native StateTexas

Billy Tracy More News

A Texas prison inmate who was sentenced to death for the 2015 killing of a Barry Telford Unit correctional officer was denied a new trial Wednesday by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in a unanimous decision.

Billy Joel Tracy, 42, was found guilty by a Bowie County jury of capital murder in November 2017 and sentenced to death by 102nd District Judge Bobby Lockhart. Tracy beat Timothy Davison, 47, to death with a metal bar used to open slots in the prisoner’s doors at mealtime.

Davison was escorting Tracy back to his one-man cell after an hour of recreation July 15, 2015. Tracy managed to escape his handcuffs and attacked Davison with his fists. Once Davison was on the ground, Tracy grabbed his slot bar, straddled Davison’s body and struck him repeatedly.

The jury at Tracy’s trial watched a video of the beating and heard testimony from dozens of witnesses, including other Texas correctional officers, who had been targets of Tracy’s assaults.

At the time of Davison’s murder, Tracy was serving a life sentence he received in 1998 in Rockwall County for the beating and abduction of a 16-year-old girl. Tracy was sentenced to 45 years for assaulting an officer in Potter County in 2007 and he received a 10-year sentence in 2011 for assaulting an officer in Jones County.

A date for Tracy’s execution has not been set.
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2 thoughts on “Billy Tracy Texas Death Row”

  1. I don’t understand why people like this are kept alive for so long. He has been convicted, and there is video of the murder along with multiple witnesses. With that much proof, he should have been ended the next day. It shouldn’t matter if someone is mentally ill, had a tough childhood, etc. Murderers, with this much proof that they did it, should be executed the next day, unless convicted on a Friday, then it should be on the following Monday bright and early. We waste so much money and prison space on people who should no longer be with us. Cases like this are the very reason we have a death penalty. Either execute him or give him life in a deep hole.

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