Anissa Weier And Morgan Geyser The Slenderman Stabbing

morgan geyser Anissa Weier photos

Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser were two twelve year old girls from Wisconsin who decided the only way to please the so called Slenderman was to murder their twelve year old friend. Slenderman who was created as an online contest was a mysterious figure who lived in the woods. Anissa Weier (picture on the right) … Read more

Damian Hauschultz Teen Killer Murders 7 Year Old

Damian Hauschultz

Damian Hauschultz was fourteen years old when he fatally beat to death seven year old Ethan Hauschultz. According to court documents Ethan was a foster child who was sent to the Hauschultz household after being removed from his parental home due to abuse. Ethan Hauschultz would be severely beaten as he was forced to drag … Read more

Martice Fuller Teen Killer Murders Girlfriend

Martice Fuller photos

Martice Fuller was a fifteen year old who would break into his ex girlfriends home and shoot and kill her and shoot and injure her mother. According to court documents Martice Fuller would break into the Wisconsin home and would shoot and kill fifteen year old Kaylie Juga and shoot and injure her mother Stephanie … Read more

Martice Fuller Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend

Martice Fuller

Martice Fuller was convicted in the murder of his ex girlfriend Kaylie Juga in Wisconsin. According to court documents Kaylie Juga had ended her relationship with Martice Fuller after he became physically abusive towards her. Martice Fuller would force his way into her home and shoot the fifteen year old teen and her mother. The … Read more

Alton Coleman And Debra Brown Serial Killers

alton coleman

Alton Coleman and Debra Brown were two serial killers who would go on a crime spree through six states that included the murder of eight people. Eventually Alton Coleman and Debra Brown would be sentenced to death in three separate States. Alton Coleman would be executed in Ohio and Debra Brown will spend the rest … Read more

Ashlee Martinson Teen Killer Murders Parents

Ashlee Martinson Teen Killer

Ashlee Martinson was seventeen years old when she would murder her mother and stepfather who according to her were highly abusive. Ashlee Martinson would lock her siblings in a room before shooting her stepfather and then fatally stabbing her mother. Martinson would then flee the crime scene with her older boyfriend. This teen killer would end up … Read more