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  • Teen Killerscaleb sharpe

    Caleb Sharpe School Shooter Gets 40 Years In Prison

    Caleb Sharpe was fifteen years old when he entered Freeman High School in Rockford Washington killing one student and injuring three more. According to court documents Caleb Sharpe was confronted by Sam Strahan who was fifteen years old and was fatally shot. The school attack which took place in 2017 would take five years to proceed through the court system.…

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  • Crime Newsdaniel issac marquez florida

    10 YR Old Daniel Issac Marquez Arrested For School Shooting Threat

    Ten year old Daniel Issac Marquez was arrested for making threats regarding a school shooting in Florida. According to police reports Daniel Issac Marquez made threats on social media stating that he was planning a school shooting at Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral Florida and that he scammed a friend for money and bought an automatic rifle. Needless to…

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  • Teen KillersChad Padilla

    Chad Padilla High School Shooter Dead In Prison

    Chad Padilla who shot another student at a Italy Texas high school was found dead in prison. According to court documents Chad Padilla would open fire in the Italy High School cafeteria and would strike fellow student Mahkayla Jones multiple times. Thankfully Mahkayla Jones would survive her injuries. Chad Padilla would be convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to forty years in…

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  • Crime Newsethan crumbley

    Ethan Crumbley Michigan School Shooter

    Fifteen year old Ethan Crumbley has been charged with four counts of murder in the school shooting that took place at Oxford High School in Michigan. According to police reports Ethan Crumbley arrived at school armed with a 9mm Sig Sauer and opened fire killing four students. Ethan Crumbley who allegedly told police that he was being bullied at school…

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  • Teen Killersnikolas cruz 2021 photos

    Nikolas Cruz Parkland School Shooter To Plead Guilty

    Nikolas Cruz is set to plead guilty to seventeen counts of murder that took place during the Parkland School shooting in Florida in 2018. According to his lawyers Nikolas Cruz who was nineteen years old at the time of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School which left fourteen students and three adults dead will plead guilty and…

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  • Death Row Inmatesjames wilson

    James Wilson South Carolina Death Row

    James Wilson was sentenced to death by the State of South Carolina for a school shooting that left two students dead. According to court documents James Wilson would enter Oakland Elementary School where he would kill Shequila Bradley and Tequila Thomas, both eight years old. Seven other students were injured as well as two teachers. James Wilson would be arrested,…

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  • Teen KillersEvan Ramsey Teen Killer

    Evan Ramsey Teen Killer School Shooter

    Evan Ramsey was sixteen years old when he murdered two people in a school shooting in Alaska. According to court documents Evan Ramsey walked into Bethel Regional High School and opened fire killing one student, he would then fire and injure a fellow student and teacher before murdering the principal. This teen killer would be sentenced to nearly two hundred years in…

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  • Teen KillersBrenda Spencer Teen Killer

    Brenda Spencer Teen Killer School Shooter

    Brenda Spencer was sixteen years old when she shot and killed two people at a school in California. According to court documents she would open fire from her home aiming at young children waiting to get into the school. After all of the shooting was over the Principal and Janitor were dead, eight students and one police officer was injured.…

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  • Teen Killersluke woodham teen killer

    Luke Woodham Teen Killer School Shooter

    Luke Woodham was sixteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents Luke Woodham would stab his mother to death before headed to Pearl High School armed with a rifle. This teen killer would shoot and kill two female students including his ex girlfriend. He would also injure seven other students. This teen killer would be convicted and sentenced…

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  • Teen KillersAndrew Wurst Teen Killer School Shooter

    Andrew Wurst Teen Killer School Shooter

    Andrew Wurst was responsible for the Parker Middle School dance shooting in Pennsylvania. According to court documents Andrew Wurst would walk into the facility A Nick’s Place, banquet hall, that was hosting a school dance for Parker Middle School. Wurst would open fire killing a man, and wounding three others including a teacher and two student. This teen killer would soon be…

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  • Teen Killersgabe parker teen killer

    Gabe Parker Teen Killer Kentucky School Shooter

    Gabe Parker was fifteen years old when he brought a gun to school in Kentucky that would leave two fellow students dead. According to prosecutors Gabe Parker entered Marshall County High School shortly before 8 a.m. on Jan. 23 opening fire with a handgun leaving two students dead and fourteen others injured. This teen killer would be arrested shortly after the shooting…

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  • Jesse Osborne Teen Killer School Shooter

    Jesse Osborne was fourteen years old when he fatally shot his father and then drove to an elementary school where he would fatally shoot a six year old boy. According to court documents Jesse Osborne would fatally shoot his father who has been described as abusive before driving to Townville Elementary School where he would open fire striking the six year…

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  • Teen KillersAlec McKinney Teen Killer

    Alec McKinney Teen Killer School Shooter

    Alec McKinney (aka Maya McKinney) a transgender teen from Colorado would plead guilty to charges relating to a school shooting. According to court documents Alex McKinney and Devon Erickson would enter the STEM School Highlands Ranch opening fire which would end with one student dead and eight other injuries. Alex McKinney would eventually plead guilty to avoid a life sentence.…

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  • Teen KillersJohn McLaughlin Teen Killer School Shooter

    John McLaughlin Teen Killer School Shooter

    John McLaughlin was responsible for the Rocon High School shooting in Minnesota. According to court documents John McLaughlin walked into Rocon High School looking for a particular student who he said was bullying him over his acne. McLaughlin would find the student exiting a locker room and proceeded to shoot him in the chest, the teen killer would fire a second shot…

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  • Teen KillersBarry Loukaitis Teen Killer

    Barry Loukaitis Teen Killer School Shooter

    Barry Loukaitis was fifteen years old when he walked into his school and shot dead a teacher and two students. This teen killer would hold his class hostage for over an hour before he was tackled by a teacher. Barry Loukaitis would be convicted on all three of the murders and receive a prison sentence of two life sentences plus over two hundred years.…

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  • Teen Killerstj lane

    TJ Lane Teen Killer School Shooter

    TJ Lane is a school shooter from Ohio who at seventeen years old would bring a gun to school and shoot dead three fellow students. According to court documents TJ Lane, also known as Thomas M Lane III, would bring a .22 calibre gun to school where he would open fire striking and killing three students. At trial TJ Lane…

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  • Teen KillersKip Kinkel Teen Killer

    Kip Kinkel Teen Killer School Shooter

    Kip Kinkel was fifteen years old when he shot and killed two students in Oregon. Kip Kinkle according to court documents brought a gun to school, Thurston High, and would open fire killing two students. Kinkle who had been suspended for being in a possession of a weapon had earlier shot and killed his parents. The shooting at Thurston High…

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  • Teen KillersEric Hainstock Teen Killer

    Eric Hainstock Teen Killer School Shooter

    Eric Hainstock was fifteen when he brought a gun to a Wisconsin school and shot his principal. According to court documents Eric Hainstock brought a shotgun and a revolver to the school and would shoot the principal three times causing his death. This teen killer would try to tell the jury the gun went off by accident however they were not buying…

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  • Teen KillersMichael Carneal Teen Killer

    Michael Carneal Teen Killer School Shooter

    Michael Carneal was fourteen years old when he murdered three fellow students. According to court documents Michael Carneal brought a shotgun and a rifle wrapped in a blanket to Heath High School in Kentucky. Michael Carneal would open fire on a group of praying students killing three and injuring five. This teen killer was quickly arrested and sentenced to multiple life sentences…

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