Allen Ivanov photos

Allen Ivanov Teen Killer House Party Shooter

Allen Ivanov was nineteen when he murdered three teenagers at a house party in Washington State. According to court documents Allen Ivanov was upset that his former girlfriend was moving on with her life and leaving him behind would enter a house party outside of Seattle Washington and opened fire. Allen Ivanov would end up […]

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Gabriel Gaeta photos

Gabriel Gaeta Teen Killer – Murders 6 Year Old In Washington

Gabriel Gaeta was convicted in the rape and murder of a six year old girl in Washington State. According to court documents Gabriel Gaeta would take the little girl to a remote location where she was sexually assaulted and murdered. The crime went unsolved until the police found the body of the child and through […]

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heather opel photos

Heather Opel Teen Killer Hired To Kill Man

Heather Opel was just thirteen years old when she helped to murder a man. According to court documents Heather Opel who was thirteen, her fourteen year old friend Marriam Oliver, seventeen year old Jeffrey Grote and fourteen year old Kyle Boston were paid by Barbara Opel to murder a man she had problems with. The […]

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Parker Bachtold

Shalin Alltus Teen Killer Murders Uncle In Washington State

Shalin Alltus and her boyfriend Parker Bachtold would shoot and kill her uncle in Washington State. According to court documents Shalin Alltus and Parker Bachtold were staying on her uncle’s property and believed that the uncle was trying to end their relationship so they decided to kill him. After shooting the victim the teen killers […]

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Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie photos

Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie Teen Killers Murder Teen With Autism In Washington

Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie were both twelve years old when they would murder an autistic teenager. According to court documents Jake and Evan would beat and repeatedly stab Craig Sorger. During trial the information came out that the murder was premeditated from how they would get the victim out of his home, where the […]

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Alex Baranyi and David Anderson photos

Alex Baranyi and David Anderson Teen Killers Murder Family In Bellevue Washington

Alex Baranyi and David Anderson are responsible for what is now known as the Bellevue Murders. According to court documents Alex Baranyi and David Anderson lured Kim Wilson to a park in Bellevue Washington where they proceeded to strangle the twenty year old woman to death.  The two unfortunately were not done as they went […]

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William Lembcke

William Lembcke Teen Killer Murders Family In Washington

William Lembcke was sixteen years old when he killed his entire family in December 2000.  According to court documents William Lembcke was caught videotaping his sister changing by his father and he grabbed a gun and murdered his parents and two siblings.  After the murders William Lembcke would put the bodies of family into a […]

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Maryanne Atkins teen killer photos

Maryanne Atkins Teen Killers – Was It Self Defense?

Maryanne Atkins was sixteen years old when she fatally shot a man in 2016.  According to Maryanne Atkins the man she shot and killed raped her when she was sleeping however the prosecutors believe it was a cold blooded murder who would pose with the weapon on Facebook after the murder which was committed when she […]

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Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway Serial Killer -Green River Killer

Gary Ridgway was a long distance truck driver turned serial killer who has one of the largest victims count in United States history.  According to police reports Ridgway would drive along the Green River and would pick up sex workers who he would later murder and dump.  When he was eventually caught the Green River […]

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