• Teen Killersgabriel davies olympia

    Gabriel Davies Teen Killer Missing To Murder Suspect In Olympia

    Gabriel Davies whose disappearance prompted a search in Olympia Washington has now been arrested for murder. According to police reports Gabriel Davies and an unnamed 16 year old juvenile have been arrested for the murder of a fifty one year old man who was shot dead in his home. According to early reports Gabriel Davies and the victim were known…

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  • Teen Killerscaleb sharpe

    Caleb Sharpe School Shooter Gets 40 Years In Prison

    Caleb Sharpe was fifteen years old when he entered Freeman High School in Rockford Washington killing one student and injuring three more. According to court documents Caleb Sharpe was confronted by Sam Strahan who was fifteen years old and was fatally shot. The school attack which took place in 2017 would take five years to proceed through the court system.…

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  • Crime NewsKenneth Dowling

    Kenneth Dowling Charged In Multiple Sexual Assaults

    Kenneth Dowling is a man from Spokane Washington who has just been charged with a series of sexual assaults and home invasions that took place fifteen years ago. According to police reports two women were sexually assaulted in 2003 and 2004 by an unidentified suspect. The cases went cold until a DNA match would point to Kenneth Dowling as a…

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  • Crime Newsgerald brevard

    Gerald Brevard Charged In Homeless Killings

    Gerald Brevard has been arrested and charged with a string of attacks on the homeless in both New York and Washington. According to police reports Gerald Brevard allegedly murdered  54-year-old Morgan Holmes by shooting and stabbing. Gerald Brevard is also charged with a number of assaults on the homeless as well as being investigating a string of shootings that took…

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  • Crime Newsdayva cross

    Dayva Cross Murdered In Prison

    Former death row inmate Dayva Cross was murdered at Walla Walla State Prison in Washington State. Dayva Cross was originally sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and her two daughters in 1999. According to reports Dayva Cross would murder Anouchka Baldwin, Salome Holly, 18, and Amanda Baldwin, 15, in Snoqualmie Washington. A third daughter was able to…

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  • Crime NewsChristian Dressel

    Christian Dressel Charged In Jack In The Box Murder

    Christian Dressel has been charged with murder in a fatal incident that took place at a Jack In The Box in Washington State. According to police reports Christian Dressel would nudge the vehicle that James Brown was a passenger in. The driver of the vehicle that James Brown in would yell at Christian Dressel telling him there was a vehicle…

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  • Teen KillersRobbrie Thompson

    Robbrie Thompson Teen Killer Murders Store Clerk

    Robbrie Thompson was a sixteen year old teen killer from Washington State that would shoot and kill a store clerk during a robbery and would later murder his accomplice. According to court documents Robbrie Thompson would enter the Handy Corner Store where Soon Ja Nam would be shot and killed. However Robbrie Thompson would not stop there as he would…

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  • Teen KillersTimothy Hernandez-Ebanks

    Timothy Hernandez-Ebanks Teen Killer Murders Stranger

    Timothy Hernandez-Ebanks was a fourteen year old teen killer from Washington State that would murder a stranger. According to court documents Timothy Hernandez-Ebanks would follow the victim down a street and would pull out a gun and fatally shoot the stranger. Timothy Hernandez-Ebanks would be arrested, convicted and sentenced. Timothy Hernandez-Ebanks would make news a year later when he and…

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  • Teen Killerstimothy haag photos

    Timothy Haag Teen Killer Murders 7 year-old Rachel Dillard

    Timothy Haag was seventeen years old when he murdered seven year old Rachel Dillard in a bathtub. According to court documents Timothy Haaf would choke and drown Rachel Dillard in a bathtub to get back at her parents for the way they treated Rachel brother Alex. Timothy Haag would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole…

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  • Teen Killersmiguel gaitan photos

    Miguel Gaitan And Joel Ramos Teen Killers Murder 4

    Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos were both fourteen years old from Washington State that would murder four people, According to court documents Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos would murder Michael and Lynn Skelton and their two children Lynn and Bryan. Apparently the two teen killers were attempting to impress a street gang. Miguel Gaitan would be sentenced to four life…

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  • Death Row InmatesKenneth Lighty federal death row

    Kenneth Lighty Federal Death Row

    Kenneth Lighty was sentenced to death by the Federal Government for the kidnapping and murder of a drug dealer. According to court documents Kenneth Lighty would kidnap the victim, Eric Hayes, and would later shoot him multiple times in the head causing his death. Kenneth Lighty was convicted and sentenced to death and remains on Federal Death Row in 2021…

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  • Serial KillerWestley Allen Dodd

    Westley Dodd Serial Killer Executed In Washington

    Westley Dodd was a serial killer from Washington State who was executed for the murders of three boys. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Westley Dodd the sexual psychopath. Westley Dodd Early Years Westley Dodd was born in Toppenish Washington on July 3, 1961. According to Westley there was no abuse in…

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  • Teen KillersHeather Opel Teen Killer

    Heather Opel Teen Killer Murders Man

    Heather Opel Teen Killer Murders Man Heather Opel was just thirteen years old when she helped to murder a man. According to court documents Heather Opel who was thirteen, her fourteen year old friend Marriam Oliver, seventeen year old Jeffrey Grote and fourteen year old Kyle Boston were paid by Barbara Opel to murder a man she had problems with.…

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  • Teen KillersBarry Loukaitis Teen Killer

    Barry Loukaitis Teen Killer School Shooter

    Barry Loukaitis was fifteen years old when he walked into his school and shot dead a teacher and two students. This teen killer would hold his class hostage for over an hour before he was tackled by a teacher. Barry Loukaitis would be convicted on all three of the murders and receive a prison sentence of two life sentences plus over two hundred years.…

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  • Teen Killerswilliam lembcke teen killer photos

    William Lembcke Teen Killer Murders Entire Family

    William Lembcke was sixteen years old when he killed his entire family in December 2000.  According to court documents William Lembcke was caught videotaping his sister changing by his father and he grabbed a gun and murdered his parents and two siblings.  After the murders William Lembcke would put the bodies of family into a truck and would throw them…

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  • Teen Killersallen ivanov photos

    Allen Ivanov Teen Killer House Party Shooter

    Allen Ivanov was nineteen when he murdered three teenagers at a house party in Washington State. According to court documents Allen Ivanov was upset that his former girlfriend was moving on with her life and leaving him behind would enter a house party outside of Seattle Washington and opened fire. Allen Ivanov would end up killing three teenagers and injuring…

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  • Teen Killersgabriel gaeta photos

    Gabriel Gaeta Teen Killer – Murders 6 Year Old In Washington

    Gabriel Gaeta was convicted in the rape and murder of a six year old girl in Washington State. According to court documents Gabriel Gaeta would take the little girl to a remote location where she was sexually assaulted and murdered. The crime went unsolved until the police found the body of the child and through DNA testing were able to…

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  • Teen KillersJake Eakin and Evan Savoie Teen Killers

    Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie Teen Killers

    Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie were both twelve years old when they would murder an autistic teenager. According to court documents Jake and Evan would beat and repeatedly stab Craig Sorger. During trial the information came out that the murder was premeditated from how they would get the victim out of his home, where the murder would take place and…

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  • Teen KillersMaryanne Atkins Teen Killers

    Maryanne Atkins Teen Killers Murders Man

    Maryanne Atkins Teen Killers Murders Man Maryanne Atkins was sixteen years old when she fatally shot a man in 2016.  According to Maryanne Atkins the man she shot and killed raped her when she was sleeping however the prosecutors believe it was a cold blooded murder who would pose with the weapon on Facebook after the murder which was committed when…

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  • Teen KillersShalin Alltus Teen Killer

    Shalin Alltus Teen Killer Murders Uncle

    Shalin Alltus and her boyfriend Parker Bachtold would shoot and kill her uncle in Washington State. According to court documents Shalin Alltus and Parker Bachtold were staying on her uncle’s property and believed that the uncle was trying to end their relationship so they decided to kill him. After shooting the victim the teen killers would flee the property. Shalin Alltus and…

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