Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay Teen Killers

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay Teen Killers

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay Teen Killers
Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay Teen Killers

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay were convicted of a triple murder in Washington State. The two Canadian born teens would fatally beat Rafay father, mother and sister. The crime went unsolved for a good amount of time until DNA tied the two teen killers to the triple murder. The two would be convicted at trial and sentenced to life in prison however there remains a lot of doubt regarding whether or not their confession was coerced and whether or not they are guilty of this brutal crime

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A teen convinces his best friend to murder his family however years later questions still linger about the case

According to court documents Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns has been friends for years before the murders occurred.  Atif and his family moved to Washington State but kept in close contact with Sebastien.

On July 12 1994 the two teenagers headed to the Rafay home and Sebastien Burns would murder the entire family with a baseball bat including Rafay father, mother and twenty year old autistic sister.  Atif was suppose to participate in the murders but lost his nerve once they entered the home

According to prosecutors the goal of the triple murders were the half a million insurance policy and the money that would come from selling the family home

Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns were taken into custody and interrogated for three days before they were released

After the interrogation  Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns fled to British Columbia Canada where Burns still lived. The RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who were cooperating with the police on the other side of the border would set up a sting where an undercover police officer would pose as a crime boss who would try to get the two to confess to the triple murders.

Nearly nine months after the murders new DNA evidence appeared which according to police tied the two to the murders.  Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns would confess to a murder in order to avoid the death penalty however many believe it was a false confession.

At trial Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns were found guilty of the triple murders and sentenced to ninety nine years in prison.  It took a long time before the two went to trial as they had to be extradited from Canada which has a policy not to extradite if the death penalty was a possible punishment.  Eventually the prosecutor in the case promised the Canadian authorities that the death penalty would not be used.

Since the trial the two have tried repeatedly to get back into court to get their conviction reversed as they have stuck to their innocence.

Atif Rafay uses his time in prison to help other prisoners get their high school diploma.  After spending years in solitary confinement Sebastian Burns has suffered from severe mental health problems

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