Nathaniel Abraham Teen Killer Murders Stranger In Michigan

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Nathaniel Abraham
Nathaniel Abraham photos

Nathaniel Abraham was just eleven years old when he shot and killed a man. According to court documents Nathaniel Abraham was playing with a gun when he took aim at a man some distance away. The man was struck in the head and died instantly. This teen killer would be sentenced to eight years in youth detention. Since his release Nathaniel Abraham can not stay out of trouble and currently he is back in prison serving a long sentence for drugs.

Nathaniel Abraham 2020 Information

Earliest Release Date : 2025

Max Release Date: 2059

Michigan Department Of Corrections

Current Facility: Muskegon Correctional Facility

Nathaniel Abraham Other News

Nathaniel Abraham hardly presented the image of a deadly killer. Wearing oversized prison garb, the 65-pound boy appeared tearful and bewildered at pre-trial hearings. But prosecutors argued that Nathaniel was exactly the type of juvenile offender the 1996 law had meant to target. Police had previously suspected him in almost two dozen crimes, including burglary and assault. For a variety of reasons, however, the boy had never been formally charged.

Nathaniel Abraham’s case drew the attention of attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who had previously defended “Dr. Death,” Jack Kervorkian. Fieger took on the job pro bono and began a series of motions and appeals that delayed the trial until October 1999.

When the trial finally opened on October 29, prosecutor Lisa Halushka wrote down these words for the jury to read: “I’m gonna shoot somebody.” This, she claimed, was what Nathaniel Abraham had said to his girlfriend days before the killing. As the trial progressed, Halushka called witnesses who supported the idea that Nathaniel’s act had been a premeditated murder. He had stolen the rifle, then practiced target shooting at balloons. He had also fired the gun at a neighbor’s house, barely missing the occupant, just before the fatal shooting. Later, Halushka noted that Nathaniel had told police conflicting stories about the shootings—proof that he knew what he had done, and that it was wrong.

Defense attorney Fieger argued that the shooting was an unfortunate accident. Nathaniel Abraham did fire the gun, yes, but was not trying to hit anyone. Fieger also introduced testimony from an expert marksman. The witness said that it would be almost impossible to deliberately hit a small target from more than 200 feet—the distance Nathaniel was from the victim—using the old, battered rifle the boy had fired.

Fieger also called on child psychologists to describe Nathaniel Abraham’s mental state. The boy, these experts testified, had an IQ of 70, and at the time of the murder, his thought processes were like those of a seven-year-old. Fieger tried to prove that Nathaniel lacked the mental capacity to form the intent to kill. A prosecution psychologist witness, however, testified to rebut this claim.

Outside the courtroom, the trial provoked massive public interest. The CBS television magazine 60 Minutes profiled the case, and Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca admitted the Michigan social system had failed to help Nathaniel in the past, despite his impaired intelligence and previous brushes with the law. Gorcyca said he owed the boy’s mother, Gloria, an apology. An upset Mrs. Abraham replied, “Owe me an apology! To say the system failed but they still want to try my child as an adult? This is ridiculous.”

Nathaniel Abraham Photos

Nathaniel Abraham photos
Nathaniel Abraham photos
Nathaniel Abraham mugshot 2019 photos
Nathaniel Abraham 2019 Mugshot photos

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Nathaniel Abraham Videos

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Nathaniel Abraham Convicted At Thirteen Now Faces Drug Charges

Nathaniel Abraham Sent Back To Prison For Dealing Drugs

Nathaniel Abraham Michigan Department Of Correction Profile

Nathaniel Abraham More News

Nathaniel Abraham Sent Back To Prison For Selling Drugs

Nathaniel Abraham, who made national news when convicted of murder at the age of 11, is headed back to prison.

Abraham, now 33, of Pontiac was sentenced Tuesday in Oakland County Circuit Court to 6 to 40 years in prison for selling drugs to an undercover police officer in Farmington Hills. He pleaded guilty as charged May 28 to delivery of methamphetamine and heroin, felonies that carry up to 20 years in prison.

Abraham was also charged as a habitual offender, fourth offense, which can carry up to life in prison.

“Mom, this isn’t bad — he could have received a much higher sentence,” said defense attorney James Galen, trying to comfort Abraham’s mother, Gloria Abraham, outside the courtroom with a dozen other relatives and friends.

“If he does what he is supposed to do, he will be out before too long.”

Galen referred to the sentence, issued by Judge Rae Lee Chabot, as “extraordinarily kind.”

“Under the habitual offender offense, he could have had up to life,” the attorney said. “I think Judge Chabot recognizes he can better himself.”

The man who was once the youngest person in Michigan to be charged with murder will be spending up to 40 more years behind bars.

Nathaniel Abraham, 33, was sentenced in Oakland County Circuit Court Tuesday on multiple counts of delivering and manufacturing methamphetamines after earlier pleading guilty to the charges. 

Abraham was arrested in February for selling drugs to undercover officers in Farmington Hills and Pontiac following a weeks-long task force investigation. 

He underwent a psychiatric evaluation and was found to be competent. 

Abraham made national headlines when he became the youngest person in Michigan to face murder charges at the age of 11, and was convicted at age 13. Released from custody when he turned 21, he ended up back in prison on drug charges less than two years later. He was again released from prison in 2017 and discharged from parole last June.

Two months later, he was charged with indecent exposure and obstructing and assaulting police officers. He pleaded guilty to the indecent exposure charge and a Pontiac judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail, with credit for 30 days served. Proceedings are ongoing in the obstruction case.

Man, 33, Convicted At 13 For Murder Sent Back To Prison

A Detroit-area man who was convicted of murder at age 13 has been charged with selling heroin and methamphetamine.

Nathaniel Abraham now is 33 years old. Bond was set at $100,000 during a court appearance Friday in Farmington Hills. Outside court, attorney James Galen says his client isn’t “holding up so well.”

The Oakland County sheriff’s office says investigators seized meth, about $3,100 and digital scales at a house in Pontiac.

Abraham faces drug charges in two communities. A court hearing in Pontiac is set for Saturday.

Abraham was 11 in 1997 when he was accused of fatally shooting a stranger in Pontiac. He was convicted at age 13. He was released from state supervision in 2007 but has had subsequent legal problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Nathaniel Abraham 2020 Update

    Nathaniel Abraham is currently incarcerated at the Muskegon Correctional Facility in Michigan

  2. Why Is Nathaniel Abraham In Prison

    Nathaniel Abraham served several years in prison for a murder that was committed when he was eleven years old. Once released Nathaniel Abraham would be arrested again for dealing drugs and is currently in prison until at least 2025 and could remain behind bars until 2059

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