Miguel Gaitan And Joel Ramos Teen Killers Murder 4

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Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos were both fourteen years old from Washington State that would murder four people, According to court documents Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos would murder Michael and Lynn Skelton and their two children Lynn and Bryan. Apparently the two teen killers were attempting to impress a street gang. Miguel Gaitan would … Read more

Richard Kinder Teen Killer Kidnapping Murder

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Richard Kinder was seventeen years old when he and David Duren would kidnap and murder a teen girl in 1983. According to court documents Richard Kinder and David Duren, 21, would kidnap sixteen year old  Kathleen Bedsole, and her date, Charles Leonard. The pair would be driven to a remote location where they would be … Read more

Malcolm Thrower Teen Killer Stabs Woman To Death

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Malcolm Thrower was seventeen years old from Jacksonville Florida when he stabbed a woman to death. According to court documents Malcolm Thrower would admit to attempting to rob and kidnap the victim, 58 year old Marilyn Jean Russell before stabbing the woman to death. Marilyn Russell who was attempting to help Malcolm Thrower get a … Read more

Justin Long Teen Killer Murders Father

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Justin Long was fifteen years old when he stabbed his adoptive father to death. According to court documents Justin Long who had been taken in by the Long family two years before the murder would stab to death 42 year old Hoyt Long. Justin Long who was taken into Oklahoma protective services at an early … Read more

Deon Haynes Teen Killer Murders Christy Davis

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Deon Haynes was a sixteen year old from Michigan who participated in a robbery that would claim the life of another teenager. According to court documents Deon Haynes and two others would enter a home in search of $400, before the robbery was over the teen killer would fatally shoot seventeen year old Christy Davis. … Read more

Dana Barker Teen Killer Murders Stepmother

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Dana Barker was seventeen years old when she fatally shot her stepmother. According to court documents Dana Barker would use a stolen car and a stolen gun, would cut the phone line in Brenda Barker’s home before entering the home. A fight ensued and Dana Barker would shoot Brenda Barker who would die from her … Read more