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Justin Long was fifteen years old when he stabbed his adoptive father to death. According to court documents Justin Long who had been taken in by the Long family two years before the murder would stab to death 42 year old Hoyt Long. Justin Long who was taken into Oklahoma protective services at an early age due to physical and sexual abuse would be sentenced to life in prison without parole. This teen killer is due for resentencing in the upcoming year

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Gender: Male

Race: White

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 167 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

OK DOC#: 411389

Birth Date: 3/27/1985


Reception Date: 12/14/2001

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A 15-year-old Duncan boy is facing a murder complaint for allegedly stabbing his adoptive father to death Monday night, police said.

Justin Long is accused of killing Hoyt Long, 42, who was found dead in his living room of multiple stab wounds with a large knife in his lap, said Duncan police.

Department Investigator George Williams said the boy’s mother called police after she reported hearing strange noises coming from
the home’s living room.

Police said she found her husband sitting on the living room sofa, making gasping noises.

She said the boy was sitting nearby and ran from the house when she called 911, Williams said.

An officer used a dog to track Justin Long down.

Justin Long is in the Stephens County Jail. District Attorney Gene Christian said he will be charged with first-degree murder in district court.


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Justin Long is currently incarcerated at the North Folk Correctional Center

Justin Long Release Date

Justin Long is serving life without parole
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2 thoughts on “Justin Long Teen Killer Murders Father

  1. Justin. You can’t give up. You aren’t defined but what you did!!! I heard you say, you never knew what a father was. Me too! I’ve had many changes happen in my life. I’ve come to know forgiveness. I’ve come to know true friendship. But also, a great change happened when I came to know Father’s perfect love. He loves you and so do I. Contact me if you’d like. You are in my prayer.

    1. Amen! I have no opinion on this case related to Justin’s issues with his sentence since I don’t have all the facts on that. However, you are so correct as to everyone of us having access to a perfect Abba, Father if we will only accept the love that he offers freely to us. Keep your faith burning bright. God bless you!

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