• Crime NewsTaahviya Chapman

    Taahviya Chapman Charged With Murder In Fatal Road Rage

    Taahviya Chapman is a woman from Ohio who attempted to murder her baby’s father by running him over with a vehicle however she killed an innocent bystander instead. According to police reports Taahviya Chapman would aim her car at her baby’s daddy and managed to hit him but also struck an innocent bystander who would later die from his injuries.…

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  • Teen KillersLandon Parrot Ohio

    Landon Parrot Teen Killer Murders Infant In Hot Car

    Landon Parrot is a nineteen year old alleged teen killer from Ohio who has been charged with the murder of his one year old son. According to police in New Philadelphia Ohio Landon Parrott purposely put his one year old son in a car and left the child there for over six hours in the 130 degree vehicle which caused…

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  • Crime NewsStephen Marlow

    Stephen Marlow Captured In Kentucky

    Stephen Marlow was captured in Kentucky after fleeing from Ohio where he has been charged in a quadruple murder. According to police in Ohio Stephen Marlow would shoot and kill four people, Clyde Knox, 82, Eva Knox, 78, Sarah Anderson, 41, and Kayla Anderson, 15 before fleeing the State. The FBI would issue an alert and Stephen Marlow would be…

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  • Crime Newsgail eastwood ritchie

    Gail Eastwood Ritchey Guilty Of Newborn’s Murder

    Gail Eastwood Ritchey has been found guilty of murdering her newborn baby nearly 30 years ago in Ohio. According to court documents Gail Eastwood Ritchey gave birth to a newborn who locals dubbed “Geauga’s Child.” and placed the newborn in a trash bag and abandoned it in a wooded area. When a local newspaper carrier found “Geauga’s Child.” it had…

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  • Teen KillersLaChelle Anderson

    LaChelle Anderson Teen Killer Murders Baby

    LaChelle Anderson is a teen killer from Columbus Ohio who would fatally stab her one year old baby According to court documents LaChelle Anderson would call 911 and tell the operator that her daughter was not moving. When ambulance attendants arrived at the scene they would find the one year old girl with multiple stab wounds and LaChelle Anderson  covered in blood.…

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  • Crime NewsJohn Wooden Jr Ohio

    John Wesley Wooden Charged In Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam Murder

    John Wesley Wooden has been charged in the murder of Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam. According to police reports John Wesley Wooden would fatally shoot Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam in late December 2021. After John Wesley Wooden became a suspect police in Columbus Ohio would search his residence and would find the gun that killed Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam. Imam Mohamed…

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  • Crime NewsWilliam Husel

    William Husel Alleged Serial Killer Trial Begins

    Former Doctor William Husel trial is to begin this week in Ohio where he is facing fourteen counts of murder however many are wondering whether his intent was to kill or to help. According to police records William Husel, who was initially charged with 25 murders, gave a large dose of painkillers to dozens of patients who were near death.…

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  • Teen Killersadarus macio black

    Adarus Macio Black Teen Killer Arrested In Georgia

    Adarus Macio Black an alleged teen killer was arrested in Georgia after nearly two years on the run for murder. Adarus Macio Black who was wanted by police in Ohio and the FBI was finally captured and soon will be brought back to Ohio to stand trial for the murder of Na’Kia Crawford in Akron. According to police reports Adarus…

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  • Crime Newschina arnold

    China Arnold Murdered Her Child In A Microwave

    China Arnold is a woman from Ohio who was convicted of the murder of her 28 day old baby Paris but it is the way the infant was killed which makes people remember this case. According to court documents China Arnold was living with her boyfriend when an argument broke out over who actually was the father of Paris. China…

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  • Death Row Inmatesbrett hartmann

    Bret Hartman Ohio Execution

    Bret Hartman was executed by the State of Ohio for the brutal murder of a woman. According to court documents Bret Hartman would brutally stab to death Winda Snipes who had her throat slit and her hands were cut off. Bret Hartman would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death Bret Hartman More News Brett Hartmann is dead. After 15…

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  • US Executiondonald palmer

    Donald Palmer Ohio Execution

    Donald Palmer was executed by the State of Ohio for the murders of two strangers. According to court documents Donald Palmer would shoot and kill Charles Sponhaltz and Steven Vargo following a minor traffic accident. Donald Palmer would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Donald Palmer would be executed by lethal injection on September 20 2012 Donald Palmer More…

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  • US Executionmark wiles

    Mark Wiles Ohio Execution

    Mark Wiles was executed by the State of Ohio for the murder of a teenage boy. According to court documents Mark Wiles was employed by the victims family in the past. Wiles would return a year later and watch the family leave. Mark Wiles would break into the home and would find fifteen year old Mark Kilma home who would…

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  • US ExecutionHarry Mitts - Ohio

    Harry Mitts Ohio Execution

    Harry Mitts was executed by the State of Ohio for a double murder. According to court documents Harry Mitts would shoot and kill the first victim when he was walking across the parking lot. During the police search for the gunman Harry Mitts would fire several shots through the door striking and killing a police officer. Harry Mitts would be…

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  • US ExecutionFrederick Treesh - Ohio

    Frederick Treesh Ohio Execution

    Frederick Treesh was executed by the State of Ohio for the murder of security guard. According to court documents Frederick Treesh was on a multi state crime spree which would end with the shooting death of Henry Dupree in Eastlake on Aug. 27, 1994. Frederick Treesh was also suspected of killing another man in Michigan however he was not charged.…

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  • Teen Killersdavid isaacs photos

    David Isaacs Teen Killer Murders Fathers Girlfriend

    David Isaacs was seventeen years old from Ohio when he murdered his father’s live in girlfriend. According to court documents David Isaacs would stab to death Darlene Renner. David Isaacs would not give a reason why to the murder. The teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole until 2037 David Isaacs 2021 Information…

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  • Teen Killersdevonte brown photos

    Devonte Brown Teen Killer Murders Brother And Sister

    Devonte Brown was sixteen years old when a breakup led to him murdering a brother and a sister in Ohio. According to court documents Devonte Brown was upset that Joselyn Brown had broken up with him and the teen killer reacted by stabbing her and her fourteen year old brother to death. Devonte Brown would also attack the teen’s mother.…

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  • Death Row Inmatesjames worley

    James Worley Ohio Death Row

    James Worley was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for the kidnapping and murder of a young woman. According to court documents James Worley would abduct Sierah Joughin and would murder her. James Worley would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death Ohio Death Row Inmate List James Worley 2021 Information Number A743593 DOB 04/08/1959 Gender Male Race White…

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  • Death Row InmatesJeffrey Wogenstahl

    Jeffrey Wogenstahl Ohio Death Row

    Jeffrey Wogenstahl was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for the murder of a ten year old girl. According to court documents Jeffrey Wogenstahl was dating the victims mother when he grabbed Amber Garrett in the middle of the night and would murder the child. Jeffrey Wogenstahl would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death Ohio Death Row…

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  • Death Row Inmatesrobert williams

    Robert Williams Ohio Death Row

    Robert Williams was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for the sexual assault and murder of an elderly woman. According to court documents Robert Williams would force his way into the victims apartment where he would sexually assault and murder the 88 year old woman, Velma McDowell. Robert Williams would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death Ohio…

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  • Death Row Inmatesclifford williams

    Clifford Williams Ohio Death Row

    Clifford Williams was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for a robbery murder. According to court documents Clifford Williams would shoot and kill a cab driver, Wayman Hamilton, in the process of robbing him. A few days later Williams would shoot another man during a similar robbery however the man would survive. Clifford Williams would be arrested, convicted…

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