John Wesley Wooden Charged In Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam Murder

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John Wesley Wooden has been charged in the murder of Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam. According to police reports John Wesley Wooden would fatally shoot Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam in late December 2021. After John Wesley Wooden became a suspect police in Columbus Ohio would search his residence and would find the gun that killed Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam. Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam was a community leader for Somali refugees in Ohio. John Wesley Wooden and Mohamed Hassan Adam were involved in a business deal however Columbus police did not elaborate.

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A Columbus man was charged Thursday in connection with the December death of Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam.

John Wesley Wooden, Jr., 46, is accused of shooting and killing the 48-year-old local Somali community leader on or about Dec. 22, according to records from the Franklin County Municipal Court.

According to a report from Franklin County Coroner Dr. Anahi Ortiz’s office, Adam died after being shot multiple times.

During a news conference Friday, police said it appears at some point Wooden and Adam were involved in a business transaction, but they wouldn’t elaborate any details.  

According to police, after identifying Wooden as a suspect in Adam’s death, they issued a search warrant for Wooden’s residence, where a gun was found that was a ballistic match in Adam’s case.  

Adam was originally reported missing Dec. 22 and his body was found inside a van off Joyce and Windsor avenues Dec. 24.

Wooden, who was arrested on Feb. 18, is also facing federal charges for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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