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Taahviya Chapman Charged With Murder In Fatal Road Rage

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Taahviya Chapman is a woman from Ohio who attempted to murder her baby’s father by running him over with a vehicle however she killed an innocent bystander instead. According to police reports Taahviya Chapman would aim her car at her baby’s daddy and managed to hit him but also struck an innocent bystander who would later die from his injuries. Taahviya Chapman has been charged with a series of crimes including:  murder, felonious assault and child endangerment.

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A Cincinnati woman appeared in court again on charges stemming from a deadly incident in a grocery store parking lot.

Taahviya Chapman, 24, stood in front of the judge Friday, now charged with murder, felonious assault and child endangerment.

Chapman is accused of intentionally hitting the father of her child with her car in a Kroger parking lot and also hitting and killing 58-year-old Christopher Griffith, an innocent bystander.

“The victim’s brother said her callousness and lack of consideration for other people and her willingness to do violence to someone else has not taken someone from who was so important to hundreds and hundreds of people for no reason absolutely no reason,” Dave Wood, an assistant prosecutor in Hamilton County, said.

On Thursday, Chapman’s bond was set to $20,000 without the murder charge. Once Griffith died, Judge Tyrone Yates increased the bond to $500,000.

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