Rebecca Auborn Potential Ohio Serial Killer

Rebecca Auborn is a woman from Columbus Ohio who may be a serial killer. So far she has been charged with four murders

According to court documents Rebecca Auborn would allegedly set up meetings with her victims with the promise of sex. However when the men arrived they would be drugged and robbed. Unfortunately for the men four of them would die from a fatal drug overdose. A fifth victim would survive. Police are not searching all fatal overdoses to see if there is any links between them and Auborn

Rebecca Auborn has been charged with: four counts of murder, four counts of involuntary manslaughter, five counts of aggravated robbery, five counts of felonious assault, five counts of corrupting another with drugs, one count of tampering with evidence, and four counts of trafficking in drugs

No word yet whether prosecutors are planning to seek the death penalty

Rebecca Auborn News

A Columbus woman was indicted on more charges, including four murder counts, for allegedly dosing men paying for sex with drugs to steal from them.

Rebbeca Auborn, 33, was originally indicted in September. The criminal complaint that led to her future indictment accused her of mixing fentanyl into a ‘John’s’ crack pipe

She reportedly confessed to a Columbus police detective that she engaged a man for sex with another woman and directed the other woman to dose the johns, the charging document for the original aggravated robbery charge filed in September said.

After being indicted for murder, felonious assault, corrupt others with a drug, and more, a grand jury on Wednesday returned a new indictment for three other murder charges for a total of:

four counts of murder
four counts of involuntary manslaughter
five counts of aggravated robbery
five counts of felonious assault
five counts of corrupting another with drugs
one count of tampering with evidence
four counts of trafficking in drugs

According to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office:

Victim 1, attempted overdose on Dec. 13, 2022
Victim 2, fatal overdose on Jan. 15, 2023
Victim 3, fatal overdose on April 1, 2023
Victim 4, fatal overdose on April 13, 2023
Victim 5, fatal overdose on June 17, 2023

Investigators believe more victims may exist. Her alleged activities occurred in between December 2022 and August 2023 and within the area of I-71, State Route 161, Cleveland Avenue and E. 17th Avenue.

Anyone with information or who may have been a victim can contact the Columbus Division of Police homicide tip line at 614-645-2228.

Auborn has been incarcerated in the Franklin County jail since her original indictment. A court docket for that case indicated she was since hospitalized.

Rebecca Auborn Other News

Columbus police and the Ohio Attorney General’s office on Oct. 25 announced an indictment against Rebecca Auborn, a 33-year-old woman authorities say is a serial killer.

Here’s what we know about the case.
Who is Rebecca Auborn?

Auborn, 33, is from the Northeast Side of Columbus. She had no significant criminal history until earlier this year when police say she began meeting men for sex and drugging them in order to rob them.

Records show Auborn has at least one child and had a daughter who died at 18 days old in November 2016.

Authorities allege that Auborn met men for sex at hotels around Columbus, drugging them and then robbing them. The men died from fatal overdoses in at least four of those meetings. A fifth person survived, the attorney general’s office said.

According to the indictment, the fatal overdoses occurred on Jan. 15, April 1, April 13 and June 17. The person who survived met Auborn on Dec. 13.

The meetings are believed to have taken place at hotels on the Northeast Side of Columbus in the areas of Interstate 71, State Route 161, Cleveland Avenue and East 17th Avenue.

In September, authorities charged Auborn in connection with the Jan. 15 case that resulted in the death of a 30-year-old man.

Court records from another case said Auborn admitted to detectives that she had mixed fentanyl in a man’s crack pipe after meeting him for sex. In that case, Auborn told detectives she knew the man was overdosing, but took his vehicle and debit card, according to court records.

In the indictment filed Wednesday, Rebecca Auborn is charged with four counts of murder and four counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the deaths. She also faces five counts of aggravated robbery, five counts of felonious assault, five counts of corrupting another with drugs, one count of tampering with evidence and four counts of trafficking in drugs.

All of the charges are felonies.

Should Auborn be convicted on all charges, she faces decades in prison.

How did the investigation start?

The Ohio Attorney General’s office said in a press release the investigation began because of a tip received by the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force.

According to the AG’s office, that tip said a woman was meeting “johns” at hotels in Northeast Columbus and drugging them in order to steal their possession.

Police are continuing to investigate overdose deaths that occurred between December 2022 and August 2023 in the area bounded by Interstate 71, Route 161, Cleveland Avenue and East 17th Avenue.

What are police saying about the case?

Reached for comment Thursday morning, Columbus police said they are currently not providing interviews to any media outlets. However, authorities have asked that anyone with information to call a tip line at 614-645-2228.
What happens next in the case?

Rebecca Auborn will next appear in Franklin County Common Pleas Court for an arraignment, which is currently scheduled for Friday afternoon.

At that hearing, a judge will set bond in the case and Auborn is expected to enter a not guilty plea. The case will then have a trial date set.

Rebecca Auborn does not currently have a lawyer appointed to represent her, according to court records.

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