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Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole 2023 Update

kids behind bars

Kids Behind Bars: Life Or Parole was a popular series on A&E. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to look at the 2023 updates of the inmates who were hoping that their life sentences were finally going to be reduced and they would have a shot at parole.

Lacy Aaron Schmidt 2023

lacy aaron schmidt 2021

Lacy Aaron Schmidt was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of his ex girlfriend Alana Calahan. At the time of the murder Lacy Aaron Schmidt was fourteen years old. Lacy Aaron Schmidt would be resentenced to life without parole.

Lacy Aaron Schmidt 2022 Update

Curtis Brooks 2023

Curtis Brooks was fifteen years old when he was involved in a carjacking that would leave Christopher Ramos dead. Curtis Brooks along with three other individuals would grab Christopher Ramos as he walked towards his vehicle. Curtis Brooks would be convicted of felony murder would be sentenced to life without parole. On resentencing Curtis Brooks prison term was reduced and he would be freed from prison after serving 22 years.

Timothy Chavers 2023

Timothy Chavers Teen Killer

Timothy Chavers was a seventeen year old from Florida when he fatally shot 17-year-old Christopher Pitcock. According to court documents Timothy Chavers and three others lured the victim to a remote location under the pretense of buying drugs. Timothy Chavers would shoot and kill the victim. Timothy would be sentenced to life in prison without parole upon resentencing he would again be sentenced to life without parole

Timothy Chavers 2022 Update

Bobby Gonzales 2023

Bobby Gonzales Teen Killer

Bobby Gonzales was fifteen years old when he would murder the mother of his girlfriend Krissi Lynn Caldwell and attempted to murder her father. Bobby Gonzales who was under the impression his girlfriend was being abused would be sentenced to life without parole. Upon resentencing he would be sentenced to life in prison with parole. His first parole hearing will be in 2027

Bobby Gonzales 2022 Update

Brandon Moore 2023

Brandon Moore was fifteen years old when he took part in the kidnapping and gang rape of a 21 year old college student in Ohio. Brandon Moore who was originally sentence to 141 years in prison would later have his sentence reduced to fifty years and will be eligible for release when he is 62 years old

James Wiley 2023

james wiley

James Wiley was fifteen years old when he murdered his stepmother and three siblings in Wyoming. James Wiley would plead guilty to the four murders and be sentenced to life without parole. James Wiley would go for a resentencing hearing however his original sentence would stay the same

James Wiley 2022 Update

Otis Daniels 2023

Otis Daniels was fifteen years old when he murdered a woman during a robbery in Georgia. According to court documents Otis Daniels would force his way into a home where he would shoot a woman and her daughter. The woman would later die in the hospital. Otis Daniels would be sentenced to life without parole. On resentencing Otis would be resentenced to life in prison

Otis Daniels 2022 Update

Ronald Bell 2023

Ronald Bell was seventeen years old when he and two other teenagers: Kristel Maestas and Renee Lincks would kidnap, torture and murder a man in Florida. Ronald Bell was initially sentenced to death however his sentence would later be commuted to life in prison without parole after it was declared executing juveniles was unconstitutional. Kristel Maestas and Ronald Bell would go for a resentencing hearing however both would receive the same sentence life without parole

Kristel Maestas 2022 Update

Kids Behind Bars Videos

Shelton Jackson 2022

shelton jackson photos

Shelton Jackson was seventeen years old when he murdered a man during a robbery. Shelton Jackson was sentenced to life in prison without parole in Florida and is currently going through the resentencing process

Shelton Jackson 2022 Update

Dana Barker 2022 Update

dana barker 2021 now

Dana Barker was seventeen years old when she fatally shot her step mother in Alabama. Dana Barker was sentenced to life without parole and is currently going through the resentencing process

Dana Barker 2022 Update

Deon Haynes 2022 Update

deon haynes photos

Deon Haynes was a sixteen year old from Michigan when he participated in a robbery that would leave seventeen year old Christy Davis dead. Deon Haynes would go through the resentencing process and his original life without parole sentence be reduced and he was ultimately released from prison

Deon Haynes 2022 Update

Justin Long 2022 Update

justin long now

Justin Long was fifteen years old when he fatally stabbed his adoptive father. Justin Long was sentenced to life without parole. Justin Long is due to go through resentencing in 2022

Justin Long 2022 Update

Malcolm Thrower 2022 Update

malcolm thrower photos

Malcolm Thrower was a seventeen years old when he would kidnap, rob and stab a woman to death in Florida. Malcolm Thrower would be sentenced to life without parole. Malcolm Thrower is going through the resentencing process

Malcolm Thrower 2022 Update

Richard Kinder 2022 Update

richard kinder photos

Richard Kinder was seventeen years old when he would kidnap and murder a teenage girl and attempted to murder the girl’s boyfriend. Richard Kinder partner David Durden was sentenced to death and executed in 2000. Richard Kinder would be sentenced to life without parole due to his age at the time of the crime.

Richard Kinder 2022 Update

Miguel Gaitan And Joel Ramos 2022 Update

miguel gaitan photos

Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos would murder 4 people at the age of fourteen in Washington State. Both were fourteen years old at the time of the murders. Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos would be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Joel Ramos would be sentenced to 8 years and be released in 2021. Miguel Gaitan is currently going through the resentencing process.

Miguel Gaitan 2022 Update

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22 thoughts on “Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole 2023 Update”

  1. Wow…I shoulda just did whatever I wanted when zi was a kid…why the hell not,I’ll be resentenced.
    This should NEVET happen in a homicide case. I was homeless for years when I was a kid. I DIDNT KILL ANYONE.

  2. I’m so torn on a lot of these cases. Some have different circumstances that make you have some empathy for the perp. They’re not all as cut and dry as ppl want to think they are. What if it was your child in that situation? Js

  3. What if it was your child in that situation? Children do not possess the brain quality to understand truly the severeness of what they are doing or consequences. Punishing a child for the rest of their life is absurd.

  4. It’s not about what they deserve in terms of punishment. It’s whether they can ever be rehabilitated. Most of the episodes I’ve watched, the guy that killed his stepmom and 3 brothers, one of whom was only 5 years old, and the guy that killed his 14 year old neighbor… there’s no remorse and they will surely kill again if they are let out.

  5. I absolutely agree about the 14yr old that killed his 14yr old neighbor. He has only been in jail for 7yrs so far. As it’s been explained in the show,the Male brain doesn’t fully develop till age 25.He’s 21 & he’s still friggin checked out

  6. I believe each case is different, in the case of Curtis Brooks, he was 1 of 4 kids that was trying to steal a car, he did not kill anybody, he did not have a record & he was the only African American of the 4 kids.The others including the shooter were basically sentenced as juveniles w/ juvenile terms.Curtis Brooks was able to be released at age 42 due to Clemency, but he would have also been released at the resentencing. He should have never had to have done as much time as he did. Why wasn’t the shooter?

  7. I truly believe in the case of James Wiley, who killed his Step Mother & the 3 step brothers is absolutely a psychopath. I think if he was to be released he will kill again. You see it in his eyes & he’s a manipulator. Unfortunately do to Wyoming Law his sentence is different. Life in prison there means that after 25yrs you are eligible for parole, obviously it doesn’t mean you’ll get it. So if you add all his sentences, including the escape charge, he most likely will be out by age 65.

    1. Agreed Holly,
      In fact, he says during his phone conversation that, “they truly loved Alana May Calahan, I’m sorry for taking her from them.” Then he goes on to say, “but, they don’t understand. This is really, truly an accident, and they done made a huge mistake.” See the problem with these statements are that he chooses to victimize himself, which absolves him of the act of causing death, and therefore, doesn’t require punishment. In other words, this really did happen but, it was not my intention/fault. But the facts depict the opposite as true. His [fact] behaviors reveal the intentions of his conduct. He practices with a gun in the woods and then took it to the neighbors home with what purpose? He knew their daily schedule. He would randomly burglarize the home while they were out. It seems did not enter with the intention to show it [gun] off. He went into the home, took off his shoes, either announced himself or not, and the young girl ended with a bullet shot in the back of the head. How is that accidental? Did he ask the young lady to not move or face the wall and then shot? Or did he surprise her and shot her and she never was the wiser? But, if it were without malice [he suggests this by saying they fooled around a lot], I think we would see a different outcome. At least they would be facing each other and talking about it [gun] and then accidentally shooting his or her hand or some other way. But, because the shot was on the rear of the head, it’s kinda questionable and extremely damning. Exactly what would be the reason to enter someone’s home with a loaded gun? Yes, he was young at the time but; being immature or not knowing the consequences of taking a life, do you think it would have kept him from doing so? Unlikely as he cannot fathom the repercussions due to his age. My point is, are we to allow all ppl that don’t understand the consequences of their behaviors to remain in a free society? Its hard enough not knowing who these ppl are! I understand that the child has an extensive hx of abuse but, that does not change the fact that he doesn’t understand right from wrong. In fact, we know the repercussion and the exposure to violence has on the makings of a sociopath – Dahmer. He never says I should have never played with a gun, gone into the home, or tried to cock the gun… No signs of genuine apology, remorse, or even demonstrating his understanding of wrongdoing [trying to cock a gun on the back of a person’s head and accidentally pulling the trigger] he has not even started rehabilitation. I believe everyone deserves a chance when they can demonstrate respect, change, show genuine remorse, and show us a solid plan to mitigate those (demonic) feelings he wrestles with, then a plan for parole should be considered carefully. But until then, let’s reflect on Alana, she doesn’t get the same opportunities. Let’s open our eyes people and keep our world a little safer. For those of you who are ready to release this disturbed man-child into society, I hope he becomes your neighbor next!

      1. Ok let him be my neighbor. Yes what he did was very very very freaking wrong!! But to just sent there and say if u let him out he is going to do it again!! HOW the heck do you know what he well do!! Yes I feel sorry for the girl because she is the same age as me well to be honest I was born on October 16,1996 so we about 2 weeks apart!! Im so so sorry that she won’t have a life, but at least she did when and before all this happen!! Last HONESTLY NOBODY WELL EVER KNOW WHAT really happy that day!! But I TRULY believe people can change and ya he was a victim of assault at a young age to! So yes she well never be able to get a 2nd change in life but that’s when you as her family and friend Do it for her!! Never stop talking about her make her as she is still!! Give her that 2nd chance of life because remember she is always watching down on u!! Also, I Do think if he does get out he should not be free in a way!! What I mean is he should get out having to do nothing! HELL NO, I think he should have to wear a brace I think he should have to see someone every single day he well not be free in a way. ya his life might not be what he wanted outside but at least he well be out!! SORRY BUT I HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVE IN PEOPLE GETTING 2ND CHANGE BECAUSE people can change it’s all on if they want to. People like him who have been VICTIM AS WELL should get a change!

  8. I do not agree with this resentencing! The crimes these people committed were horrendous! They planned these crimes….just as anyone who is over 18!!! To go back the next day after beating a man, broken bones, tying him up with chains, and setting him on fire when he was alive was a full thought process. To then purchase a meat cleaver and cut him on his throat that next day because “he was still alive and asking for help”. Then clean it and return it to the same store and get refund, You can consider this as a juvenile brain, your totally insane!!! The sentence given was correct!
    I would accept them changing death penalty cases for 15 and younger to be changed to life without parole.
    If a Parole Board lets anyone of these inmates with these horrific crimes out on early parole, then they should be responsible for their decisions!!! Let them live near them. Build a home for these parolees right in the area near the parole board people. If they commit another serious crime, make it mandatory, death penalty! If no death penalty in that state then LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE!


  9. Each case is different. However, all these 14,15 year olds that killed, tortured, kidnapped innocent lives, BELONG IN PRISON FOR LIFE. Curtis Brooks is THE only one who should have NEVER been charged as an adult. Also, the case of Bobby Gonzales, I truly feel sorry for him. He deserves prison, with parole though. The rest of these teens, NEED TO STAY IN PRISON.

  10. It’s interesting to see those behind bars with the gang tats and the attitude of “Look at me now”. Should we feel sorry for them? Maybe, but I am one who cannot in most cases as the situation merited them simply walking away. Prison isn’t meant to be fun, and by now, the internet is so beyond prominent that if you had half a brain, homeless or not, you would understand at ages far younger than 14 or 15 that prison is NOT someplace you would want to end up. Let these shows teach a new generation what the parents didn’t or what they just refused to learn.

    1. That is one of the main reasons why I decided to include updated photos. The majority clearly show the prison experience is not a pleasant one. As for the gang tats that is just a reality for a young kid going into the adult prison system, either join or you will be a victim

  11. I guess the best way to not be part of the join or become a victim is to not be there in the first place. It amazes me now as I watch Season 2, that almost EVERY story is the same…I was homeless, I was beaten, I was molested…etc. Sad as that may or may not be, I don’t recall ever reading anywhere that these were prominent reasons to commit the heinous acts they did. Even if you don’t know at age 14 what you did was wrong (which I don’t for a second agree with), to see the way most of them act in court, it shows clearly their mindset at the time. I don’t feel they all should be there for the rest of their lives, but you cannot argue that some are better where they are. Society is better off having dangerous people locked away, and many of these teens are sociopathic, psychotic and need to be right where they are. Just my honest opinion.

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