Bobby Gonzales Teen Killer Murders Girlfriends Mother

Bobby Gonzales

Bobby Gonzales was fifteen years old when he would fatally shoot his girlfriends mother and severely injure her father. According to court documents Bobby Gonzales was dating Krissi Lynn Caldwell and she would tell him that she was being sexually abused by her father and that her mother would not stop the abuse. Bobby would enter the Texas home and shoot both of her parents who were sleeping in their bed, killing the mother and severely injuring her father.

Bobby would later learn that Krissi Lynn Caldwell was lying about the abuse. The teen killer was sentenced to life in prison. Krissi Lynn Caldwell also received a life sentence

Bobby Gonzales 2023 Information

SID Number:04687658

TDCJ Number:00647502





Maximum Sentence Date:LIFE SENTENCE       

Current Facility:ALFRED HUGHES

Projected Release Date:LIFE SENTENCE

Parole Eligibility Date:2027-04-02

Offender Visitation Eligible:YES

Krissi Caldwell 2023 Information

SID Number:    04725341

TDCJ Number:    00644824


Race:    W

Gender:    F

DOB:    1975-10-02

Maximum Sentence Date:    LIFE SENTENCE       

Current Facility:    HOBBY

Projected Release Date:    LIFE SENTENCE

Parole Eligibility Date:    2027-06-29

Bobby Gonzales Other News

Appellant was romantically involved with Krissi Caldwell, the teenage daughter of the deceased. The deceased and her husband disapproved of their daughter’s relationship with appellant and forbade Krissi to see appellant. Mr. Caldwell testified that Krissi was not permitted to invite appellant over to the Caldwells’ residence and that neither he nor the deceased ever consented to allow appellant to be in their home. As a result of these restrictions, Krissi’s relationship with her parents grew increasingly strained. This tension eventually culminated into Krissi’s plan to have appellant murder her parents.

One evening, after her parents had gone to sleep, Krissi let appellant into the house. Krissi gave appellant a 9mm automatic pistol she had taken from her father’s nightstand. Armed with the gun, appellant entered the Caldwells’ bedroom and fired five or six shots into both of the Caldwells. Mr. Caldwell survived the attack, but Mrs. Caldwell died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Bobby Gonzales Photos

Bobby Gonzales
Bobby Gonzales

Bobby Gonzales Contact Information

Mailing address is 

Robert Gonzalez #647502 

Hughes uni tRt. 2 Box 4400

Gatesville, TX 76597

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Bobby Gonzalez Other News

 A Texas jury Friday sentenced a 17-year-old girl to life in prison for soliciting the murders of her parents because they disapproved of her dating a boy of another race.

Jurors deliberated for more than three hours before returning the verdict against Krissi Lynn Caldwell of Frisco, a small town near Dallas.

Prosecutors said she and her boyfriend, Robert Anthony Gonzales, 16, conspired to kill her mother, Rosalyn Caldwell, 41, and father, Vernon Caldwell, 42. Gonzales will be tried later for murder.

The girl, with tears in her eyes, stood with her attorney before Judge John Roach when he read the sentence. The same jury returned the guilty verdict Thursday afte four hours of deliberation.

In final arguments, prosecutor Bill Schultz pointed at Caldwell and told the jury, ‘You’re looking at somebody who has absolutely no regard for human life.’ He said she would do anything to get her way.

Defense attorney Don McDermott called no witnesses and declined to present a defense.

McDermott charged in his closing argument that the state failed to prove its case against Caldwell, and placed all the blame on Gonzales. McDermott said, ‘He planned it, and he carried it out.

Authorities said a gunman slipped into the Caldwell home at Frisco during the night of March 6 and opened fire on the Caldwells as they slept. Mrs. Caldwell was killed, Mr. Caldwell was critically wounded.

During a hearing in May to certify Gonzales for trial as adult, a witness testified that Gonzales wanted to kill the Caldwells because they disapproved of inter-racial dating. Bobby Gonzales is Hispanic; Krissi Caldwell is white.

Gonzales, also of Frisco, will be tried later on charges of capital murder, soliciation of capital murder and attempted capital murder. He is suspected of firing the gun during the attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bobby Gonzales Now

Bobby Gonzales is currently incarcerated at the Hughes Unit in Texas

Bobby Gonzales Release Date

Bobby Gonzales is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2027
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18 thoughts on “Bobby Gonzales Teen Killer Murders Girlfriends Mother”

  1. I feel really sorry for this guy….his girlfriend lied to him and made him think she was in danger. He should have been released.

    1. Karen Fitzpatrick

      Vigilante murders are illegal. Just because someone told him something doesn’t make it right to murder. That’s what the law is for. He should have reported it.

  2. Watching his interview .. brought me to tears..
    His mother was very deturmend for her son’s release.. and the love she had for him we was so intense.. I’m not sure if he will be able to be realeased but I’m praying

  3. I feel this guy should be released. The girl lied to him. He thought he was protecting her. It’s a terrible thing and he recognizes that. If she didn’t tell him bad stuff about her parents he would never have done this!!
    He should be released!!!

  4. I feel he needs to be released from prison. He was 15 scared and believed his girlfriend. Poor guy wish he never met her.

  5. I also feel Bobby deserves to be released. He was a child when he committed this crime and he was manipulated into it

  6. I feel he has served his time, he was 15 for god’s sake, thought he was doing the right thing, at that age you don’t look into future with adults perspective and see the consequences.

  7. He was sentenced to exactly what he deserved. We have been lied to by friends or lovers before at 15. We didn’t murder someone.

  8. I feel Bobby needs to be released. His crime was horrible but it wasn’t as brutal as some you hear about and he was coerced by his girlfriend. You can tell he is a train person and has done 26 years. I feel that’s enough time and he should be given a second chance. Some people change. He does not seem like a psychopath.

  9. Bobby Gonzales needs to be released hes done enough time already And his ex girlfriend should still be incarcerated forever For having her parents killed as fucked up.

  10. I think he needs to be released. He was too young and has remorse as well as the whole daughter being involved and the gun SHE gave to him and pressured him and allowed him into the home in whatever way. She doesn’t deserve to be let out but he has proved that what he has done was wrong and is so thankful for the father’s forgiveness. He should be let out on parole. 5 years. See how it goes. We let more dangerous people out every single day. The law doesn’t see the whole picture because they don’t allow it all anymore. It’s loop hole after loop hole. But this dude deserves another chance. His mother deserves another chance to love her son and support him.

  11. Miranda Marcilliotte

    Anyone who writes to Bobby through JPAY if you’d like a response please include your mailing address. JPay does not have your return address information, he’s received many jpays he cannot respond to.

  12. Steffanos Von Theos

    What would be when people all over the world whould spend a little bit money monthly for the best lawyer ?

  13. After viewing several of the juvenile life sentences I’ve just gotta say Bobbys is most compelling!!! At 15 one doesn’t understand the importance of an action to be life ending!! His remorse shown during the interviews with him prove that he at least deserves parole let’s say 5 years, and watch this guy become a member of society and flourish!!! I say Bobby has served his sentence, the husband has forgiveness in his heart so let him out!!

  14. Jennifer EXACTLY RIGHT. This one is wrong on so many levels. A 15 year old boy. Whats the deal on a limitation of hearing these cases? Did Texas figure they opened Pandoras box and slammed it shut?

  15. Yes i believe this is wrong on so many level. Bobby was manipulated and at a young age, a girlfriend and her charm has all the right components to destroy especially a 14 year old boy who im sure loved her emensley, as the FATHER FORGAVE Bobby. The daughters father, i have the utmost respect for a real man, and he knew this boy was hooked. Hold tight Bobby, may god be with you.

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