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Tran Walker Teen Killer Murders 2 Teenagers

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Tran Walker was seventeen when he stabbed his ex girlfriend and his friend to death. According to court documents Tran Walker arranged to meet his ex girlfriend and when he arrived he would stab the young woman over fifty times, when his friend tried to intervene he was also fatally stabbed. This teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison

Tran Walker 2023 Information

NameTran Lee Walker
Offender Number6527265
Birth Date09/22/1999
LocationIowa Medical & Classification Center
Commitment Date09/20/2019

Tran Walker Other News

The stepmother of a Sioux City teenager who was stabbed to death in early 2018 was in court today to speak directly to the 19-year-old found guilty of murdering her daughter.

Tran Walker of Sioux City was found guilty in August of killing his ex-girlfriend and a friend who tried to intervene. He was sentenced today to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Stevie Sullivan, the stepmother of 17-year-old Paiten Sullivan, delivered a victim impact statement in the courtroom — noting 19-year-old Felipe Negron, Jr. tried to defend her daughter when Walker started stabbing.

“To Felipe’s family, please know Felipe died a hero, our hero, and your loss is also our loss,” Stevie Sullivan said. “Other witnesses came to Paiten’s side as she took her last breath. It comforts our family to know complete strangers showed such love and compassion to Paiten. Thank you. You, too, are our heroes.”

Sullivan, the only member of either victim’s family to speak, then addressed Tran Walker.

“Your actions are wicked, foul, vile, deranged, sinister, vicious, malicious, monstrous, despicable, heinous, horrible, low-down, dirty, shady, warped, bent, crooked, dastardly and evil,” Sullivan said. “…You violently murdered two people by stabbing them to death — two people who were willing to be friends with you.”

Police say Walker, Sullivan and Negron were in a car when Walker became upset that Sullivan refused to start dating him again. He stabbed his ex-girlfriend 43 times. Negron suffered 17 stab wounds. Walker declined to speak at his sentencing.

Judge Tod Deck ordered Walker to pay $150,000 to each of his victim’s estates. A restitution hearing was set for next January 24.

Mother of 17-year-old stabbed to death calls perpetrator ‘evil’

Tran Walker More News

The list of adjectives Stevie Sullivan used to describe Tran Walker’s actions the night he killed her stepdaughter and a friend was lengthy and included words such as “despicable” and “dastardly.”

“Tran Walker, you are an evil individual,” Sullivan said.

Walker will have the rest of his life to contemplate Sullivan’s words. District Judge Tod Deck on Friday sentenced Walker, who will turn 20 on Sunday, to a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole for the Jan. 28, 2018, stabbing deaths of ex-girlfriend Paiten Sullivan and their friend Felipe Negron Jr. Deck found Walker guilty on Aug. 1 of two counts of first-degree murder.

Walker did not speak at sentencing, saying only “no” when asked by Deck if he had anything to say before he was sentenced.

“I certainly hope that to whatever extent it’s possible, Mr. Walker, you use your time in prison to better yourself,” said Deck, who presided over the trial in May after Walker waived his right to a jury trial.

The families of Sullivan and Negron, through a victim advocate, declined to comment on the sentence. After Walker’s verdict was announced last month, they had thanked everyone involved in the case for the role they played in leading to a conviction.

Public defender Jennifer Solberg said she “absolutely” would appeal the verdict. She declined further comment.

Walker and Sullivan, 17, had dated on and off in the months prior to the stabbing. On the night of the murder, mutual friend Negron, 18, drove Sullivan to meet Walker, whom First Assistant Woodbury County Attorney Mark Campbell said was out for revenge after Sullivan told him she was not in love with him and did not want to date him anymore.

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Tran Walker Now

Tran Walker is currently incarcerated at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center

Tran Walker Release Date

Tran Walker is serving a life sentence
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