Victor Alas and Jose Reyes Teen Killers

Victor Alas and Jose Reyes Teen Killers

Victor Alas was fifteen years old and Jose Reyes was sixteen when they lured a fifteen year old girl into an abandoned house where she was sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered. The pair of teen killers would be sentenced to life without parole

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Victor Alas – Stiles – Parole Eligibility Date 2054 – Max – Life

Jose Reyes – Robertson – Parole Eligibility Date 2054 – Max – Life

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Alas, a couple of his male friends, and Cathy Cuellar 2 —all teenagers—became acquainted with a middle-aged woman who lived in a nearby apartment. That woman began to allow the teenagers to use her apartment to drink and smoke marijuana. One night,3 the teenagers took Xanax before meeting at the apartment. Although Cuellar, age 15, had experience with alcohol and marijuana, this was the first time she had used Xanax. After a couple of hours in the apartment, Cuellar became very intoxicated. She was slurring her words and stumbling, and she needed assistance to walk. The apartment owner agreed that Cuellar could spend the night.
When Cuellar went to the bedroom, Alas, age 16, went with her. According to Victor Alas, they began a consensual physical encounter in the bedroom. They were interrupted when their friend, Jose Reyes, age 17, knocked on the bedroom door. The owner did not like that the boys were in her bedroom and told them to leave the apartment. Instead of spending the night at the apartment as planned, Cuellar left with Victor Alas and Jose Reyes.
The three went to a vacant apartment approximately one block away that the teenagers frequently visited to take drugs. There, all three went into an empty closet and, according to Alas, had consensual sex.4
However the encounter began, it quickly turned into a brutal, physical attack on Cuellar. She was struck in the head 15 times with an ashtray and a toilet tank lid, causing the shape of her head and facial features to be distorted. She was stabbed over 60 times with a screwdriver. Her eyes were gouged, and a metal hook was lodged in her eye socket. She was beaten with plastic rods from the apartment’s vertical blinds. Then she was impaled, anally, with two of those rods, which severely damaged her intestines and liver. Finally, an inverted cross was carved into her abdomen, with a t-shirt covering a portion of that injury and a bra attached over the t-shirt. There was evidence that most of these injuries, including the impalement, occurred while Cuellar was still alive, though some, such as the “cross” carving, were after she had died. Cuellar’s body was discovered a few days later.
The police quickly received a lead that Jose Reyes and Victor Alas were involved. Reyes was arrested first. Then, Alas was arrested, mid-day, at the alternative school he attended. He was taken to a magistrate for warnings. Afterwards, he was taken to be interviewed in the Homicide Division, where he gave a statement.
Victor Alas told the police that he participated in consensual sex with Cuellar and Jose Reyes in the empty apartment closet but denied that he played any role in the attack other than briefly choking Cuellar with a belt. He said he put the belt around her neck but eventually removed it, leaving her gasping for air. He told the police that he did not cause any of her physical injuries and was not physically involved in causing her death. He blamed Reyes for her injuries and death.
According to Victor Alas, when Jose Reyes began attacking Cuellar, he became scared and went to the kitchen area of the apartment. Although Alas denied any involvement in Cuellar’s severe injuries, he gave the police specific details about her injuries that they had not yet discovered. For example, Alas revealed in his statement that Cuellar had been choked with a belt and that the objects that were used to impale her were plastic rods from the vertical blinds in the apartment. At the time, the police knew neither.
During the interview, Victor Alas told the officers that he discarded the screwdriver in some bushes at a nearby church. Two police officers immediately drove to the church and located the screwdriver where he had indicated.
At the capital murder trial, a forensic DNA analyst with the Houston Forensic Science Center testified that Alas could not be excluded as a source of the DNA found on the screwdriver and inside Cuellar. A medical examiner testified about Cuellar’s injuries and cause of death. She described multiple, severe injuries and informed the jury that most of those injuries occurred before Cuellar’s death, including the gouging of her eyes and the impalement. She testified that Cuellar eventually died from “multiple blunt and sharp force injuries.” Homicide Detective M. Condon testified that “it appeared ․ that it had to be more than one person” involved in Cuellar’s death, given the condition of her body and the “very violent” nature of her death. In his opinion, “it took more than one person to commit this murder.”
Victor Alas testified as well. He admitted using alcohol, marijuana, and Xanax that night. He said that the sexual encounter was consensual. According to Alas, Jose Reyes had been taking pictures when he became distracted by other items on his phone. Reyes began asking Alas some questions, and then, unexpectedly, struck Cuellar in the head with an ashtray. Alas testified that he became shocked and scared. He told Reyes he was going to leave, but Reyes made a statement that he interpreted as a threat. Instead of leaving, he went into the separate kitchen area of the apartment.
Victor Alas testified that, from his hiding place in the kitchen, he heard some muted noises followed by a loud “glass breaking” sound. At that point, he returned to the living room, where Jose Reyes was hitting Cuellar in the head with a toilet tank lid. He then saw the blood and the protruding rods. He yelled for Reyes to leave her alone and for them to leave. Reyes handed him a screwdriver, ashtray, and belt; Alas discarded the three items as they were leaving the apartment. Alas testified that he did not know whether Cuellar was still alive when he and Reyes left the apartment.
Victor Alas testified that he did not participate in any of Cuellar’s injuries and denied that he retaliated against her so she would not report the initial assault to the police. He also recanted his earlier statement to police that he choked her with a belt. He claimed he said something to the police that was untrue because he was scared and thought that was what they wanted to hear.
The jury convicted Alas of capital murder. The trial court announced the automatic sentence of life imprisonment

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The second suspect in a grisly murder case was found guilty Friday in what has been described as a satanic ritual killing of a 15-year-old Houston girl.

Victor Alas and Jose E. Reyes were convicted for strangling, stabbing and sexually assaulting Corriann Cervantes last year. They also carved an upside-down cross in her abdomen.

Following a week-long trial in District Judge Brock Thomas’ court, a jury found 17-year-old Alas guilty, giving him an automatic life sentence. During his trial, prosecutors shared a video of Alas confessing to strangling Cervantes.

Later in the trial, Alas testified, an unusual move. “Alas chose to take the stand and say he gave a false statement to law enforcement at the location and that he did not take part in the murder, but the jury saw through that,” prosecutor John Jordan said.

Defense attorney Mario Madrid said Alas’ confession was “very difficult to overcome.”

“It was a difficult case with overwhelming evidence,” Madrid said. “We fought hard but we certainly respect the jury’s verdict.”

The slaying was investigated as a satanic ritual killing because of the cross carved into Cervantes’ abdomen and objects found at the scene.

We’ve always believed that this crime was evil and both people could be easily convicted,” Jordan said. “(Reyes’) jury got a lot more evidence of satanic issues.”

Reyes was convicted last year of capital murder after prosecutors shared letters he sent from jail stating the devil was directing him during the murder. Witnesses testified that Reyes bragged about the slaying as a means of selling his and Alas’ souls to the devil.

Witnesses in Reyes’ trial testified that, on the night of the slaying, the three teens were at a party where they were drinking, smoking marijuana and taking Xanax. Following the party, the group reported left together and began to have consensual sex in a vacant apartment in Clear Lake.

Cervantes was strangled with a belt, beat in the head with a porcelain toilet lid and stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver. Plastic rods from the window blinds in the apartment were used to gouge out her eyes and then to sexually assault her.

In order to reach a capital murder conviction, prosecutors needed to prove he intentionally killed while also committing a felony or causing serious injury.

Corriann Cervantes Was Brutally Slain

Murder in the name of Satan is not new or as uncommon as we would like to think. However, when we hear about the kinds of acts that are typical in satanic ritual, the details are so brutal that they are almost impossible to fathom. What happened to Corriann Cervantes is no exception.

Corriann was a 15 year old girl who liked to listen to music and take selfies, just like any other teenager. Reports indicate that she also went to church. In February of 2014 her life was brutally cut short by two boys who went to the same alternative school as Corriann in Clear Lake, Texas. The 17 year old boy, Jose Reyes, had already sold his soul to the devil, and devil worship items were subsequently found in his room. His friend, Victor Alas, 16, also wanted to sell his soul to the devil, and he asked Reyes if he could accomplish that by murdering someone. Reyes said yes. Together they decided they would perform a heinous satanic ritual in which they would rape, bludgeon, and mutilate a beautiful girl as an initiation rite for Alas.

The crime began Tuesday evening when Corriann Cervantes decided to go out. She went to a friend’s house where she drank and smoked marijuana. Reyes and Alas were also at this party, and they led Corriann to a vacant apartment. Reyes stabbed her while he had sex with her. When she tried to get away they dragged her back in, and he hit her over the head with a toilet tank lid, which broke the lid in half.

Consensual sex turned into a gruesome rape. The two boys stabbed her in the face and body “dozens of times” with a screwdriver. They also bludgeoned her further with the toilet tank lid and an ashtray. While she begged for her life they gouged her eye out. When Reyes bragged about the murder to an individual identified as Miranda Leal, he told her Corriann cried out, “Why are you doing this to me?” But they continued to torture her. They also strangled her and carved an upside-down cross into her abdomen.

A few days after the murder a passerby noticed the door to the apartment open. When he went in he found Corriann’s disfigured body. Reyes and Alas had placed religious objects around her body. They had bashed in her head. Later during the autopsy, the coroner found pieces of porcelain embedded in her face.

After the murder, Reyes told two people explicit details about what they had done to Corriann, and someone reported him to the police. Miranda Leal said that he laughed and smiled while he boasted about the gruesome acts. She didn’t take it seriously, because it seemed just too bizarre for her believe. Once the police arrested Reyes, he confessed to the interrogators. He explained that he was just doing what the devil told him to do, and that the devil watched the whole time they were doing it. Later in court, Reyes smiled for the cameras.

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Victor Alas and Jose Reyes FAQ

Victor Alas Now

Victor Alas is currently incarcerated at the Stiles facility within the Texas Department Of Corrections

Jose Reyes Now

Jose Reyes is currently incarcerated at the Ferguson Faciliy within the Texas Department Of Corrections

Victor Alas Release Date

Victor Alas is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2054

Jose Reyes Release Date

Jose Reyes is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2054

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A Texas teenager who killed a 15-year-old girl and mutilated her dead body as a sick tribute to Satan will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Victor Alas, 16, was found guilty of capital murder Thursday for the horrific, ritualistic February 2014 death of Corriann Cervantes, whose body was found raped, covered in stab wounds and marked with a crucifix.

Alias’ co-killer, 17-year-old Jose Reyes, was found guilty of capital murder in December. He, too, was sentenced to life in prison. Both teens were tried as adults.

Reyes claimed he sold his soul to the devil — and he told Alas he could, too, if he killed one of his classmates, Alas told Houston investigators.

The two teen boys lured Cervantes to a vacant Houston apartment in February 2014.

Since she knew Alas, Cervantes likely entered the complex willing, but once inside, the Satanic horror show started, investigators said.

Alias strangled the girl with a belt while Reyes brutally beat her with an ashtray and a toilet tank lid, prosecutors said.

When she bit one of her attackers, the duo gouged her eyes out with a plastic curtain rod and stabbed her with a screwdriver.

The two raped her body after she died and carved an upside-down crucifix into her abdomen.

Cervantes’ body was so badly mutilated that the person who discovered her body — someone who knew the 15-year-old — could not identify the teen. Pieces of the porcelain from the toilet lid were still embedded in her flesh, cops said.

After the savage attack, Reyes bragged about the killing, KHOU reported in December. He repeatedly admitted to the murder, even as he was in jail awaiting trial.

“I was sick-minded stabbing that (expletive) 60 times. It’s all good. It’s what the devil asked for,” he wrote in a jail house October letter.

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