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Karon Blake 13 Year Old Shot And Killed In Washington DC

Karon Blake Washington DC

Karon Blake was a thirteen year old from Washington DC who was fatally shot and killed for allegedly breaking into a car. According to police reports an unidentified person believe he saw Karon Blake trying to break into his car and fired his weapon which would kill the thirteen year old boy. The only thing we know about the actual shooter is that he is a black male. The shooter has not been arrested nor charged with any crime so far.

After the shooting the unidentified male would call 911 and was performing CPR on Karon Blake when they arrived. Needless to say this particular case is causing quite the reaction with people demanding that police release the name of the shooter however the police have said his name will not be released unless he is charged criminally.

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Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to address the deadly shooting of 13-year-old Karon Blake, along with what Robert Contee III called “dangerous, reckless” misinformation being shared about the case.

Police have said a resident on Quincy Street Northeast shot and killed Karon Blake early Saturday morning after the man allegedly saw the teen trying to break into cars in the neighborhood

“There has been too much misinformation swirling around this incident,” Contee said. “Too many people have made assumptions about this case, and it’s unfair to the grieving family. Spreading of misinformation is dangerous, reckless, and has the potential to adversely impact the investigation and the relationships in our community.”

Contee specifically called out social media posts that he said point to people with “no connections to this case.”

“It is obviously very unfortunate we have had a loss of life in this case, but we have to make sure we get this right,” Contee said. “People are rushing to judgment, canvassing communities, looking for a suspect. That’s not right!”

The chief’s update comes amid a growing call for accountability in the case, with many community members saying the man who shot Karon Blake should be behind bars. People have also called for the man’s name to be released publicly.

Contee did not identify the shooter, saying that typically would not happen until an arrest warrant is issued.

“I can tell you that the person is an African American person, I can tell you it is an adult, and I can tell you it is a male,” Contee said, adding that the man is also “not law enforcement.”

Beyond that, Contee released very little new information, saying he didn’t want to “jeopardize the integrity of the case” while MPD detectives continue their investigation, working closely with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Contee said the man who said he fired the shots called 911. MPD had also previously stated that when officers arrived on the scene the man was performing CPR on Karon Blake. Asked if the man called 911 before or after the shooting, Contee said he believes it was after.

He added that the man is now represented by counsel in the case.

“We want to make sure we go through the process so that we get it right. It’s not about getting it done fast, it’s about getting it done right,” Contee said. “Making sure that if there is a person to be arrested, that we do it the right way.”

Police had previously said there was no indication Karon Blake was armed. They also said the shooter’s gun was a registered firearm.

“He is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, as well as he has a firearm registered with his home,” Contee said Tuesday.

So what, if anything, could allow this shooting to be justifiable in the District of Columbia? Contee was asked that question during Tuesday’s news conference.

“That’s part of the investigation, and as we go through the investigation, that’s the piece we have to get to the bottom of, in terms of what happened. Now, the person has to be in fear of their life or the life of another,” Contee explained. “Those are the facts that we have to sift through to figure out, did that happen?”

Ultimately, Contee said it will be up to a grand jury in D.C.

“Based on the information we have, we present that information to a grand jury to see if that’s reasonable,” Contee said. “That’s not a Chief Contee call, that’s not a U.S. Attorney’s Office call. That’s something that will be put to the grand jury in the District of Columbia, to make that determination.”

On Tuesday, 7News also spoke to a man who identified himself as Karon Blake’s grandfather.

“This should never have happened. You should’ve called the police,” he said, of the man who allegedly shot Blake early Saturday morning. “You don’t need to shoot him. And then you shot more than once. That doesn’t make sense. How are you going to shoot someone more than once? An unarmed, young black man, a child, and you shoot him three or four times. For what?”

He believes the man who fired the fatal shot should be in jail.

“To be honest when they told me it happened Saturday and the guy wasn’t arrested, I said whoa. Why not?,” Blake’s grandfather said. “It can’t bring my grandson back, but it would bring a little comfort to the family. This can’t go unsolved.”

Contee urged the community to be patient and respectful as the “judicial process” plays out.

“MPD’s investigation continues to be active and ongoing. This process takes time,” Contee said. “Our detectives are gathering all of the facts and evidence so it can be presented to the United States Attorney’s Office and ultimately to a grand jury of D.C. residents to make a judicial determination if there was criminal intent, and if a crime occurred.”

7News also obtained a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

“The investigation into Karon Blake’s tragic death is ongoing. As with any pending matter, it would be improper and imprudent to comment any further at this time. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is committed to thoroughly investigating this matter.”

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