Alyssa Bradburn Murders Father In Spokane

Alyssa Bradburn Spokane
Alyssa Bradburn

Alyssa Bradburn is an alleged killer from Spokane Washington who has been charged with the murder of her father

According to police reports Alyssa Bradburn waited for her father, Timothy Bradburn, to return from a vacation in Hawaii. When he walked into the home Alyssa would allegedly shoot him in the chest and in the head causing his death

Alyssa Bradburn would then call 911 and waited for police to arrive. While in custody she apparently admitted to police that she had planned the murder for over a month as she said her father was abusive towards her and her dogs

Alyssa Bradburn has been charged with murder

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Alyssa Bradburn News

A woman admitted to planning the shooting of her father inside his northwest Spokane home early Tuesday morning because he would beat her and her dogs, she told police.

Alyssa Bradburn, 31, called police just before 1 a.m. to report she shot and killed her father, Timothy Bradburn, court documents say. The two live at 5610 N. Cochran St., but her father has a condo in Hawaii and spent most of his time there, she told police.

For weeks, Bradburn planned out the killing of her father, she said in court records. She practiced how to use a gun at the gun range and often wrote in her journal about it. Bradburn told police her father raped her as a child and would often beat her and shoot her dogs with a BB gun in the backyard, court records say.

No records exist in Spokane Superior Court or state court for Timothy Bradburn. When asked about Alyssa Bradburn’s claims against him, a Spokane Police Department spokeswoman simply said the incident is under investigation.

The morning of the shooting, Bradburn’s father flew into Spokane from Hawaii and arrived home in an Uber. She waited for him to walk inside and shot him in the chest and in the head, Bradburn told police. She informed law enforcement that she was OK with her arrest, and Bradburn was booked into the Spokane County Jail on suspicion of first-degree murder.

During her first appearance in court Tuesday afternoon, Bradburn appeared in a green jumpsuit and calmly spoke to her attorney and the judge. Her bond was set at $1 million.

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