dustin wallace photos

Dustin Wallace Teen Killer Murders 5 Year Old

Dustin Wallace was sixteen years old when he raped and murdered a five year old girl in Oregon. According to court documents Dustin Wallace sexually assaulted the little girl before smothering her with a pillow. This teen killer lawyers tried to get him off by saying that Dustin Wallace accidentally smothered the child while he […]

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kevin adams photos

Kevin Adams Teen Killer Murders Foster Family

Kevin Adams was sixteen years old when he murdered three members of his foster family in Oregon. According to court documents Kevin Adams waited for his foster father who was also his uncle to leave the home. This teen killer broke into a locked closet and grabbed a gun before shooting his aunt, sister and […]

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andrew vineyard photos

Andrew Vineyard Teen Killer Gets 7 Years For Brutal Murder

Andrew Vineyard was fifteen years old when he committed a brutal murder in Oregon, attempted to murder another man and ultimately would receive a light prison sentence. According to authorities Andrew Vineyard would beat his fathers girlfriend, Kimberly Forness, slit her throat then sexually abused her body. Initially prosecutors wanted to charge the teen killer […]

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Seth Cunningham photos

Seth Cunningham Teen Killer Murders Two in Oregon

Seth Cunningham was seventeen when he was arrested for two murders. According to court documents Seth Cunningham would be arrested for the first murder that took place during a robbery and while in custody he would be charged with a second murder that took place a few months before the killing he was arrested for. […]

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kip kinkle teen killer

Kip Kinkel Teen Killer School Shooter

Kip Kinkel was fifteen years old when he shot and killed two students in Oregon. Kip Kinkle according to court documents brought a gun to school, Thurston High, and would open fire killing two students. Kinkle who had been suspended for being in a possession of a weapon had earlier shot and killed his parents. […]

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