Brett Pearson Teen Killer Murders Mother

brett pearson

Brett Pearson was a seventeen year old from Oregon who would fatally shoot his mother. According to court documents Brett Pearson would fatally shoot his mother and shoot his father who thankfully survived the brutal attack. Brett Pearson would admit to the double shooting and attempted to blame the murder on his drug addiction. Regardless … Read more

Ellen Friar Teen Killer Murders Father

Ellen Friar photos

Ellen Friar was fifteen years old when she planned with her nineteen year old boyfriend to murder her father. According to court documents Ellen Friar was dating nineteen year old Gavin Curtis Macfarlane and needless to say her father was not happy. Ellen Friar along with her boyfriend Gavin and 22-year-old Russell Pierce Jones II … Read more

David Bartol Oregon Death Row

david bartol

David Bartol was sentenced to death by the State of Oregon for a prison murder. According to court documents David Bartol was arraigned on attempted murder charges the day before he would stab to death the victim, Gavin Siscel, at the Marion County Jail. David Bartol would be convicted and sentenced to death. Oregon Death … Read more

Dayton Rogers Oregon Death Row

dayton rogers

Dayton Rogers was sentenced to death by the State of Oregon for the murders of six women. According to court documents Dayton Rogers, who is a serial killer, is responsible for the murders of at least six women in 1987. Dayton Rogers would confess to a seventh murder while incarcerated. Dayton Rogers would be sentenced … Read more

David Taylor Oregon Death Row

david taylor

David Taylor was sentenced to death by the State of Oregon for the murder of a man following a bank robbery. According to court documents David Taylor would rob a bank and would flee in a vehicle driven by Celestino “Tino” Gutierrez. Once they reached the safe house David Taylor would murder Celestino “Tino” Gutierrez. … Read more

Joshua And Bruce Turnidge Oregon Death Row

joshua and Bruce Turnidge

Joshua and Bruce Turnidge were sentenced to death by the State of Oregon for a bombing that killed two police officers. According to court documents Joshua and Bruce Turnidge attempted to rob the West Coast Bank in Woodburn and when that failed they set off a bomb that would kill two police officers, Woodburn police … Read more