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Mike Washington was sentenced to death by the State of Oregon for the murder of a man who testified against him. According to court documents Mike Washington was upset that the victim was dating his ex girlfriend so he would break into his home and assaulted him. When the victim pressed charges and testified against him Mike Washington would murder the victim. Mike Washington would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

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Mike Washington 2021 Information

mike washington
Offender Name:Washington, Mike Spencer
Age:48DOB:10/1972Location:Oregon State Penitentiary
Gender:MaleRace:Black Or African AmericanStatus:AIC
Height:5′ 09”Hair:BlackField Admission Date:05/17/2010
Weight:212 lbsEyes:BrownEarliest Release Date:Death

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n 2004 Washington killed witness Mohamed Jabbie who testified against him after Jabbie appeared before a Multnomah County grand jury. Jabbie, 33, crossed Washington’s path after he started dating Shirleen Stafford, Washington’s longtime girlfriend, in early 2004. In July of that year, Washington broke into Stafford’s house and beat Jabbie. Jabbie testified about the assault before a Multnomah County grand jury on Sept. 23, 2004. The next night, Washington, who lived in Gresham, walked into Jabbie’s apartment near Clackamas Town Center and shot him seven times.

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Thirty years ago, Akim Jabbie befriended a North Portland family. He drove the family’s matriarch, a woman he called Mother Washington, to church, gave them furniture and his kindness.

On Monday, Jabbie sat in the front row of a Clackamas County courtroom watching as a member of that family, Mike Spencer Washington Jr., received a death sentence for murdering Jabbie’s son, Mohamed.

Mohamed Jabbie, 33, was shot to death Sept, 24, 2004, the day after he testified before a grand jury about being assaulted by Washington. Prosecutors said Washington killed Jabbie to silence him and avoid prison.

On Monday, jurors unanimously concluded that Washington poses a significant future danger to society and should be put to death. Washington will be formally sentenced May 17.

Washington, 37, of Gresham showed little emotion and did not look at the jury as the decision was read.

Prosecutors Michael Regan and Bryan Brock argued that Washington is a dangerous, unrepentant criminal who merited a death sentence. “Mike Washington is well-acquainted with death. He causes it,” Regan said. “He deserves it.”

They pointed to Washington’s 20-year criminal history, which includes convictions for rape, assault, robbery and drugs, and his status as senior member of a street gang — the Six Deuce East Coast Crips.

Some gang members, longtime friends of Washington, attended the trial. Their presence unnerved some jurors and witnesses.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office opened a criminal investigation into witness intimidation that may have occurred during the trial, Detective Dan Kraus said Monday.

Jurors heard powerful testimony from some of Washington’s victims: a 34-year woman who was gang raped when she was 13 by Washington and four other teenagers; a woman who was violently choked by Washington; and the boyfriend of Washington’s adult daughter, who was beaten by others while Washington held him at gunpoint.

Investigators immediately identified Washington as the prime suspect, but building the case took years. During that time, Akim Jabbie regularly called prosecutors, detectives, the sheriff, the district attorney — anyone who could pursue the case against Washington.

“He made sure no one forgot about his kid,” said Kraus, the lead investigator.

Mohamed Jabbie, a native of Sierra Leone, legally immigrated to the United States in 1996 and worked as a medical transport assistant. He started dating Shirleen Stafford, Washington’s long-time girlfriend, in early 2004. In July of that year, Washington broke into Stafford’s house and beat Jabbie.

Stafford served as the key witness against Washington. Her testimony, along with cell phone data that pinpointed the location of her and Washington, was crucial to the prosecution’s case. Stafford served as a Judas goat, helping lead Jabbie to his death. She visited him the night of the murder, stepping out of his apartment as Washington walked in and shot Jabbie seven times.

Stafford was charged with murder, but, in return for her testimony, the charge was reduced to hindering prosecution.

Defense attorneys asked jurors to be merciful and look at the full measure of Washington’s life, not just his criminal history. Consider Washington’s dangerous and chaotic childhood, and how it shaped his life, urged Benjamin Kim, one of Washington’s attorneys.

Washington was born while his mother was in prison. During his early years in south central Los Angles, he was exposed to domestic violence, gangs and his father’s drug use. His parents split up when Washington was about 5.

“The law allows for compassion and understanding,” Kim said.

Akim Jabbie did not feel compassion Monday afternoon as he watched Washington leave the courtroom in chains.

“I am a religious man,” Jabbie said. “I always tell people to forgive.”

It was advice he could not heed.

“Right now, I would not be able to. I’d be lying to myself,” Jabbie said. “Maybe down the road.”


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