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Brett Pearson Teen Killer Murders Mother

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Brett Pearson was a seventeen year old from Oregon who would fatally shoot his mother. According to court documents Brett Pearson would fatally shoot his mother and shoot his father who thankfully survived the brutal attack. Brett Pearson would admit to the double shooting and attempted to blame the murder on his drug addiction. Regardless this teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for forty years

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Can not locate Brett Pearson in the Oregon Department Of Corrections. Due to his age he may be housed in a Juvenile Prison where results are not made public

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In an exclusive jailhouse interview with Fox 12, 17-year-old murder suspect Brett Pearson said he was on meth at the time of the shooting that killed his mother and injured his father.

“None of it was supposed to happen,” Pearson said from the Marion County Jail. “I should still be sitting at home with both my parents eating dinner. I should still wake up every morning in my bed going to school, getting my education. I should see my girlfriend tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock and spending the day with her, making her dinner.”

Pearson broke down crying repeatedly during the interview Friday.

Police found the body of his mother, Michelle Pearson, 44, at their home on Ventura Loop in Keizer at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. Her husband, 57-year-old Bill Pearson, was also suffering from serious gunshot injuries.

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He remains hospitalized and is expected to survive. Police said the bullet that killed Michelle Pearson struck her neck and traveled down to her chest.

“Regardless of being under the influence, it’s still a decision I made,” Brett Pearson said Friday. “It’s still something I did. It’s still something that was very wrong and should never have happened.”

Video: Teen murder suspect says from jail, ‘none of it was supposed to happen’Raw VideoFull jailhouse interview with 17-year-old murder suspect Brett Pearson

Pearson admitted shooting at his father, but claimed his friend, Robert Miller II, 17, shot his mother. Miller was also arrested and is facing murder charges.

Police have not confirmed who fired the shots.

Pearson said he and Miller had planned out the shooting for some time, while they were on meth.

Pearson said he had a great relationship with his parents growing up, and said it was the drugs that made him do it.

“I want people to know that I am sorry for what I did, not because I got caught, not because I’m sitting here in this garment, not because you’re in front of me,” Pearson told Fox 12’s Andrew Padula. “But because I’m truly sorry that I let myself make the choices I made and that I got so far gone that I decided to try to take somebody’s life, including my own parents.”

Miller and Pearson will both be tried as adults. They made their first appearance in court Friday and are being held without bail.


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