eric running
eric running

Eric Running was sentenced to death by the State of Kentucky for the murders of two women. According to court documents Eric Running would enter Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge where he would murder Jacqueline J. Andersonand Barbara J. Gilpin. Eric Running was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

Oregon Death Row Inmate List

Eric Running 2021 Information

Age:70DOB:01/1951Location:Oregon State Penitentiary
Gender:MaleRace:White Or European OriginStatus:AIC
Height:5′ 08”Hair:GreyField Admission Date:08/11/2000
Weight:170 lbsEyes:BrownEarliest Release Date:Death

Eric Running More News

Running was convicted in 2000 of the love-triangle shotgun slayings of Jacqueline J. Anderson, whom he had dated, and Barbara J. Gilpin, her sometime lover, in the Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge on Northeast Sandy Boulevard. At trial, Running’s attorneys argued that he killed the two women during a psychotic breakdown fueled by alcohol abuse and feelings of abandonment stemming from his adoption.

Eric Running Other News

an convicted of killing lesbian couple PORTLAND (AP) – A fit of jealous rage led a Portland man to gun down a lesbian couple in a bar in 1998, a Multnomah County jury decided Wednesday.

Jurors rejected the insanity defense of Eric Walter Running, 49, charged in the Feb. 24, 1998 killings of Jacqueline Anderson – his former girlfriend – and her lover, Barbara Gilpin.

After deliberating for just an hour, the jury unanimously convicted Running of aggravated murder. They will meet July 17 to decide whether he should be executed or face life in prison.

Running and Anderson, who was also known as “Octavia,” had been in a relationship for about two years before the murders. Prosecutors had said the couple fought at the bar and Running stormed off, returning to find Anderson, 29, joined by Gilpin, 44, an off-and-on live-in lover.

A waitress who was working at the Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge in 1998, said Running told Anderson “To come outside or I’ll kill you.” The waitress testified that Running returned with the gun sometime later and shot the two women.

Jurors on Wednesday determined that Running knew exactly what he was doing when he killed the women in front of almost 20 witnesses at the karaoke lounge

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