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oregon death row inmate list

Angela McAnulty

Oregon Shuts Down Death Row

The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, has used her power and shut down the death row in Oregon. So basically all of the death row inmates are now serving life without the possibility of parole including Angela McAnulty, pictured above, who would murder her teenage daughter. Oregon Governor Kate Brown gave a number of reasons for this decision including the death penalty does not reduce… Read More »Oregon Shuts Down Death Row

oregon death row

Oregon Death Row Inmate List

Oregon Death Row Men Inmates are kept at the Oregon State Penitentiary while the Oregon Death Row Women Inmates are kept at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Oregon primarily method of execution is lethal injection. Oregon Death Row Inmate List – Women Angela McAnulty Oregon Death Row Inmate List – Men Randy Guzek Michael McDonnell Marco Montez David Simonsen Robert Langley Clinton Cunningham Ernest Lotches… Read More »Oregon Death Row Inmate List