Sierra Halseth Charged With Fathers Murder

sierra halseth photos

Sierra Halseth is a sixteen year old girl from Las Vegas Nevada who along with her boyfriend eighteen year old Aaron Guerrero would brutally stab her father to death. According to court documents Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero would plan out the murder which included a shopping trip to Home Depot to buy a circular … Read more

Adrian Navarro-Canales Teen Killer Murders Mom And Brother

Adrian Navarro-Canales Teen Killer

Adrian Navarro-Canales just turned sixteen years old when he murdered his mother and brother in Nevada. According to court documents Adrian Navarro-Canales was not happy that his family was living in the United States and wanted to return to Mexico. The bodies of his mother and nine year old brother were found stabbed to death … Read more

Monique Maestas Teen Killer Murders 3 Year Old Girl

Monique Maestas Teen Killer

Monique Maestas was sixteen years old when she and her brother Beau murdered a three year old girl and paralyzed her ten year old sister. According to court documents Monique Maestas and her brother were upset that the dope they bought from the murdered girls mother was fake. They went looking for the drug dealer … Read more

Toni Fratto Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

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Toni Fratto was seventeen when she helped murder a romantic rival. According to court documents Toni Fratto was dating Kody Patten and was jealous of the relationship he had with the victim Micaela Costanzo and demanded her boyfriend help get rid of the sixteen year old. Micaela Costanza was brought to a remote location where … Read more