Monique Maestas Teen Killer Murders Child In Las Vegas

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Monique Maestas

Monique Maestas was sixteen years old when she and her brother Beau murdered a three year old girl and paralysed her ten year old sister. According to court documents Monique Maestas and her brother were upset that the dope they bought from the murdered girls mother was fake. They went looking for the drug dealer but found her children instead. This teen killer was sentenced to forty seven years to life while her brother Beau Maestas was given a death sentence

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No longer in Nevada prison system. States out of state confinement. Looks like she is in the Connecticut Department Of Corrections

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A 20-year-old Utah woman was sentenced Thursday to 47 years to life in prison in a brutal knife attack that killed one little girl and left another paralyzed outside a Nevada casino in 2003.

Monique Maestas read a letter of apology for “lives lost and changed” by the stabbings that killed 3-year-old Kristyanna Cowan and severed the spine of Cowan’s 10-year-old sister, Brittney Bergeron.

Maestas’ brother, Beau Maestas, 23, said nothing before Clark County District Judge Donald Mosley scheduled him to die by lethal injection and tacked on a sentence of up to 75 years in prison.

“This case has to be one of the most horrendous I have ever been involved with,” Mosley said. “It is a tragedy all the way around … brought on by this scourge in our community, narcotics.”

A jury decided in August for the death penalty for Beau Maestas, who previously pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. Thursday’s additional sentences were for his guilty pleas to attempted murder with a weapon, burglary with a weapon and conspiracy.

The judge scheduled Beau Maestas to die the week of Dec. 11-17, but that date will be pushed back years while the death sentence is automatically appealed.

Monique Maestas, who pleaded guilty to the same charges, was not eligible for the death penalty because she was 16 at the time of the attack. Her brother was 19.

Mosley noted that Monique Maestas could apply for parole when she is 63.

Monique Maestas avoided trial by pleading guilty the same day the jury returned the death penalty verdict against her brother. Her plea spared Brittney Bergeron from having to testify about the bloody January 2003 attack, which happened in a trailer parked outside a casino in Mesquite.

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Monique Maestas
Monique Maestas
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Death Penalty Upheld For Beau Maestas

Maestas Versus State

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A jury decided Tuesday that a 22-year-old Utah man should die by lethal injection for brutally stabbing two little girls left alone in a trailer outside a Mesquite casino in 2003.

Beau Santino Maestas sat silently, blinked twice and kept his eyes downcast as the verdict was read. Maestas, who only recently apologized for the knife attack, had said the stabbings were revenge for a drug rip-off. He pleaded guilty in May 2005 to murder and attempted murder.

“This is a tragic case, for those poor girls and for Beau,” defense lawyer Thomas Ericsson said after Maestas was led away in shackles. Ericsson had tried to convince the jury of seven women and five men that Maestas had such a horrific childhood that he should be spared the death penalty.

He will become the 82nd person on Nevada’s death row when he is formally sentenced Aug. 30 by Clark County District Judge Donald Mosley.

Maestas admitted killing 3-year-old Kristyanna Cowan and stabbing Cowan’s half-sister, 10-year-old Brittney Bergeron. Brittney was left paralyzed from the waist down in the Jan. 22, 2003, attack.

A trauma surgeon said Brittney had been stabbed 20 times, including wounds that severed her spine. Kristyanna died of multiple stab wounds to the head, throat and back.

Maestas, who was 19 at the time of the killing, and his 16-year-old sister, Monique Maestas, were accused of forcing their way into the trailer and attacking the girls after the girls’ mother, Tamara Bergeron, and her then-boyfriend, Robert Schmidt, sold the Maestas pair salt in place of methamphetamine.

Brittney’s pluck and persistence as she teetered near death, then slowly recovered, riveted a region mortified by the bloody attack and appalled by allegations that the girls had been left alone while their drug-addicted mother and her boyfriend gambled at the casino

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