Israel Keyes serial killer

Israel Keyes Serial Killer

Israel Keyes was a serial killer who is responsible for a series of murders, sexual assaults, robberies and arson across the United States. Israel Keyes who would finally be arrested in Alaska would commit suicide before his trial so his true number of victims will never be known. In this article on My Crime Library […]

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troy kell mugshot

Troy Kell Utah Death Row

Troy Kell was still a teenager when he committed his first murder however it would be a prison murder that would make him infamous and land him on Utah death row. On this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Troy Kell. Troy Kell Nevada Murder Troy Kell was eighteen […]

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Jayden Sterzer Teen Killer

Jayden Sterzer Teen Killer Murders 12 Year Old Girl

Jayden Sterzer was fifteen years old when he raped and murdered a twelve year old girl in Utah. According to court documents Jayden Sterzer knocked on the twelve year old girls door and asked her to help him to find a lost cat. Jayden Sterzer would lead the girl to an abandoned field where he […]

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Aza Vidinhar Teen Killer

Aza Vidinhar Teen Killer Murders 2 Brothers

Aza Vidinhar was fifteen years old when he stabbed his two younger brothers to death in Utah. According to court documents Aza Vidinhar became upset when his younger brothers refused to turn the television down and then he did the unthinkable. Aza would stab his ten year old brother eighty eight times and would stab […]

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Meagan Grunwald Teen Killer

Meagan Grunwald Teen Killer Murders Police Officer

Meagan Grunwald was seventeen years old when she took part in a crime spree that would leave one police officer dead and another injured. According to court documents Meagan Grunwald was driving a car with her boyfriend Angel Garcia-Juaregui. Her boyfriend would start shooting at a police car who was trying to pull them over. […]

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Edgar Concepcion Teen Killer

Edgar Concepcion Teen Killer Murders 3 Year Old Child

Edgar Concepcion was fourteen years old when he was arrested for the sexual assault and murder of a three year old child. According to court documents Edgar Concepcion was sexually assaulting the three year old child and when she began to try he murdered her. This teen killer was convicted and initially sentenced to life in prison […]

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