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  • Crime Newsamanda martinez photos

    Amanda Martinez Throws Hot Soup Is Arrested

    In another weird crime news Amanda Martinez was arrested after she threw a hot bowl of soup at a restaurant manager. According to police reports Amanda Martinez was at the Sol de Jalisco restaurant in Temple in Texas and was complaining that the soup she was given was so hot that it was melting the plastic lid. When Amanda Martinez…

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  • Crime NewsAli Abulaban aka Jinnkid

    Ali Abulaban aka Jinnkid Charged With Double Murder

    Ali Abulaban aka Jinnkid has been charged with a double murder in California and would plead not guilty today to the charges. According to police reports Ali Abulaban aka Jinnkid would plant a listening device on his daughters IPad and when he heard his wife talking to a male he would go over to the home and shoot both of…

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  • Crime Newsclaire miller tik tok

    Claire Miller Charged With Sisters Murder

    Claire Miller a fourteen year old TicToker has been charged with the murder of her older sister who was confined to a wheelchair. According to police reports Claire Miller would stab her sister multiple times before calling 911 to report what she had done. According to police Claire Miller parents were sleeping when the murder occurred The popular TicToker who…

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