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Darwin Bagshaw Teen Killer Murders Pregnant Girlfriend

Darwin Bagshaw Teen Killer

Darwin Bagshaw was fourteen years old when he beat to death his fifteen year old pregnant girlfriend. According to court documents Darwin Bagshaw girlfriend Anne Kasprzak told him she was pregnant and they needed to run away together. Instead the fourteen year old would attack the young teen beating her to death with a shovel. The girls body would be found the next day and soon after Darwin Bagshaw was arrested. The teen killer would be sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison

Darwin Bagshaw 2023 Information

  • Offender Number: 227166
  • Housing Facility: CUCF BOULDER
  • Release Date/Type: N/A

Darwin Bagshaw Other News

Claims by 15-year-old Anne Kasprzak that she was pregnant with his baby are what caused a then-14-year-old boy to beat her to death with a shovel in 2012, an attorney said during a Monday sentencing hearing.

Darwin “Christopher” Bagshaw’s defense attorney, Chris Bown, said his client snapped when Kasprzak, his girlfriend, told him she was pregnant and that they needed to run away together.

“He was confronted with a situation that he did not have the capacity to process in the correct way,” Bown told a judge.

Bagshaw, who is now 18, reacted by hitting the girl multiple times with a shovel that he found near the Jordan River on March 10, 2012, Bown said. Kasprzak’s body was found in the river a day later.

While Bown described the fatal beating as an “impulsive decision” made by a young teen who did not have the brain development to understand the consequences of his actions, Deputy Salt Lake County District Attorney Peter Leavitt claimed the crime had been planned and that the teen went to great lengths to cover up his actions. He argued that Bagshaw deserved a prison term of 15 years to life.

“He took her life in the most calculated, cold-blooded and brutal way that he could,” Leavitt said.

Ultimately, 3rd District Judge James Blanch did order the 15-year-to-life prison term. It was a mandatory sentence, he said, for the first-degree felony murder charge to which Bagshaw pleaded guilty in February. He called the crime “unspeakably vicious and cruel.”

Before Blanch handed down the sentence, Bagshaw offered a quiet apology to the girl’s family — an apology, Bown said, that he would have preferred to do in private without television cameras and the public watching.

“I’m very sorry for everything that happened,” Bagshaw said. “I want to apologize to Annie’s family.”

Bown said that while he knew the judge’s hands were tied, he thought a five-year-to-life sentence was more appropriate for a young defendant. The defense attorney — who said he was addressing his comments toward lawmakers and the parole board — said it was not fair to tell a 14-year-old that he or she needs to serve a minimum 15-year prison sentence, which is longer than he or she has been alive.

“I hope at some point that somebody sees that the 15-year-to-life system that we have doesn’t fit when we certify juveniles to the adult system,” he said.

Kasprzak had told Bagshaw and several of her friends that she was pregnant, but her stepfather denied that was the case while he testified at a preliminary hearing.

Dennis Kasprzak, the girl’s father, was emotional Monday as he described looking at his daughter’s body after she was found in the river.

“What I saw there, your honor, wasn’t my daughter,” Dennis Kasprzak said. “It was something you would see being hit by a train. … The only identifiable feature of my young daughter, my baby girl, was a little dimple on her chin.”


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Darwin Bagshaw is currently incarcerated at the Central Utah Correctional Facility

Darwin Bagshaw Release Date

Darwin Bagshaw is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2027

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