Mia Bailey Murders Parents In Utah

Mia Bailey
Mia Bailey

Mia Bailey is an alleged killer from Utah who has been charged with the murder of her parents

According to police reports officers would arrive at a home in Utah after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. Once they entered the home they would discover the bodies of Joseph and Gail Bailey, ages 70 and 69.

A search would begin for Mia Bailey, a transgendered woman, and after searching for a few hours police would corner Mia. When officers approached Bailey she would pull a gun from her pants and put it to her head however she would ultimately surrender

Mia Bailey allegedly admitted to police that she was responsible for the murders of her parents. Bailey would also tell Officers that she went downstairs and fired into the door of a bedroom where her brother and wife were

Mia Bailey has been charged with seven counts of felony discharge of a firearm, three counts of aggravated murder, and one account of aggravated burglary.

mia bailey
Mia Bailey

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Mia Bailey News

New details have been released in a probable cause statement, reporting that Mia Bailey, who was wanted as a suspect in a double homicide, admitted to shooting her parents to death.

Police said when they arrived on scene Tuesday, they found two deceased adults who were later identified as Bailey’s parents. Both were covered in blood, police said.

After searching for Bailey, police were tipped off that she was in the area of Horseman Park and River Rd. in St. George, police said. When officers found her, court documents said she pulled a gun from her waistband and held it to her head as she walked away from police. They lost sight of her, documents said.

Bailey was apprehended Wednesday morning when she surrendered to police near the St. George Temple, documents said.

Police said Bailey admitted to entering her mother and father’s house and shooting them in an attempt to kill them before going downstairs, where her brother and his wife locked themselves in his bedroom. Bailey told police she shot through the locked door, stating she did not care if the shot had killed him

Police said they found evidence of a small bullet hole in Bailey’s brother’s door.

Bailey then went back upstairs to make sure her parents were dead, police said.

“Mia further stated that she did not have remorse for her actions and that she would not change what she had done. Mia stated ‘I would do it again. I hate them,'” documents said.

Documents said Bailey is being charged for seven counts of felony discharge of a firearm, three counts of aggravated murder, and one account of aggravated burglary.


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