Nicole Virzi Murders Newborn

Nicole Virzi
Nicole Virzi

Nicole Virzi is an alleged killer from Pennsylvania who has been charged with the murder of a six week old infant

According to police reports Nicole Virzi was at a friends home, Ethan Katz and Savannah Roberts, when she would murder the six week old infant. The parents of the child Katz and Roberts, were at the hospital getting their other six week old child treated for injuries that were allegedly committed by Nicole Virzi

Nicole would tell police that the six week old infant had fallen from his bouncing chair while she was in the kitchen preparing his bottle

Nicole Virzi would be arrested and has been charged with homicide, child endangerment, and aggravated assault

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Nicole Virzi News

A San Diego woman is accused of killing a baby twin and injuring his sibling while she was babysitting in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania neighborhood.

Nicole Elizabeth Virzi, 29, is being held in a Pittsburgh jail without bail on charges of homicide, three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of child endangerment, according to charging documents obtained by NBC 7.

David Shrager, the woman’s defense attorney, told WPXI Virzi was changing one of the 6-week-old twins on June 15 when she noticed bruising and swelling. She told the child’s parents who took that baby to the hospital.

Virzi told her lawyer while she was alone with the other twin, the baby fell out of a bouncer, WPXI reported. The baby died in the hospital a short time later.

Doctors said the injuries weren’t consistent with a fall. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma, court documents obtained by WPXI show. The surviving twin’s injuries — scratches, bruising and swelling — were obtained in Virzi’s care, the court documents allege.

Virzi denies the allegations. Her attorney said “it was purely accidental,” WPXI reported.

Shrager said Virzi was visiting the couple from California, where she was working to obtain her PhD. Records obtained by NBC 7 showed she has lived in Hillcrest for the last four years.

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