Stanley Kralik Teen Killer Beats Man To Death

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Stanley Kralik was seventeen when he beat a man to death. According to court documents Stanley Kralik thought that one of his friends was sexually assaulted by an ex Marine. Stanley Kralik and Oliver Trizarri lured the victim to the woods, choked and beat him to death with a shovel. This teen killer was convicted of third degree murder and sentenced to forty years in prison

Stanley Kralik 2019 Information

Parole Number:MQ9470
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 09/12/1997
Height: 5′ 09″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: MEDIUM
Current Location: PINE GROVE
Permanent Location: PINE GROVE
Committing County: SCHUYLKILL
Last Updated Time: 12/17/2019 4:00:16 AM

Stanley Kralik Other News

Jurors have convicted a Schuylkill County man of third-degree murder in the death of an ex-Marine who authorities say was killed in revenge for an alleged sexual assault.

The Schuylkill County panel deliberated for less than two hours Wednesday before convicting 18-year-old Stanley Kralik of Coaldale of the charge along with conspiracy, aggravated assault, robbery and theft.

Authorities alleged that he and 23-year-old Oliver Trizarri of Reading lured 24-year-old Corey Samuels into the woods in January 2014 and beat him with a shovel and choked him because they believed he had sexually assaulted a friend of Kralik.

Trizarri pleaded guilty in February to third-degree murder and testified for the prosecution. Kralik testified Tuesday that he merely witnessed Trizarri commit the murder.

Kralik is scheduled for sentencing Aug. 16.

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stanley kralik 2019 photos

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Stanley Kralik More News

The trial of a Schuylkill County man accused of killing a Marine more than two years ago has come to an end. Stanley Kralik has been found guilty on charges of third degree murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault as well as robbery and theft.

A sentencing date is scheduled for August 16.

Closing arguments were heard Wednesday in the case against Stanley Kralik.

The verdict came 24 hours after he took the stand, hoping to convince a jury of his innocence in the 2014 murder of Schuylkill County Marine Cory Samuels.

He testified he merely witnessed the killing, but had nothing to do with it.

A judge in Schuylkill County found there’s enough evidence to send a homicide case to trial.

Oliver Trizarri and Stanley Kralik are accused of killing a man in Coaldale more than a year ago because they thought the victim attacked a woman.

On the way into their preliminary hearing, Trizarri told Newswatch 16 that he did it.

“It wasn’t the thing I was supposed to do,” said Trizarri.

The 21-year-old is accused of killing Corey Samuels in January of 2014.

Stanley Kralik, 17, is charged with the same crime.

When asked if he did it, Kralik said, “I didn’t do anything.”

Police said the two men beat and strangled Samuels to death on January 20 in 2014 in Schuylkill county.

Samuels’ body was discovered months later, on September 6 of last year.

The remains were found in a wooded area in Coaldale

State police said his body parts were scattered throughout 100 feet.

During the preliminary hearing, a state trooper testified that the men originally told police the group was having a boys night in the woods. They got into a fight and then Samuels ran off. But Trizarri later admitted that the two beat the 24 year old and then shoveled snow over his body and blood.

The men told police they did it because Samuels assaulted their friend first, but charges were never filed.

“I don’t know how they could do it. It was a stupid reason,” said Tara Kurtz, Samuel’s girlfriend at the time of the crime.

She said the two suspects lied to her and even helped her look for Samuels days after he went missing.

Kurtz said Trizarri and Kralik are liars.

“Corey was a good guy, funny. He never would have hurt anybody.”

Kurtz said the worst part is that Samuels thought the two suspects were his friends.

On the way out of the hearing, Trizarri says the whole thing is messed up.

“It’s an emotional thing.”

“Why is it emotional?”

“Because it’s wrong.”

Both men are charged with criminal homicide.

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