Briley Piper South Dakota Death Row

briley piper

Briley Piper is the only death row inmate in South Dakota. Briley Piper was sentenced to death for the murder of Chester Poage. According to court documents  Elijah Page, Briley Piper, and Darrell Hoadley,would rob the Poage home after they tortured and murdered Chester Poage. Elijah Page and Briley Piper would be sentenced to death … Read more

Carlos Quevedo Teen Killer Murders Clerk During Robbery

Carlos Quevedo teen killer

Carlos Quevedo was a seventeen year old from South Dakota who would murder a store clerk during a robbery. According to court documents when Carlos Quevedo entered the store and was caught stealing beer he would attack the clerk and fatally stabbed the employee to death. This teen killer was arrested and convicted of the murder and … Read more

Maricela Diaz Teen Killer Murders Teen In South Dakota

Maricela Diaz photos

Maricela Diaz was fifteen years old when she helped murder another teenage girl in South Dakota. According to court documents Maricela Diaz and Alexander Salgado would lure the victim to a remote location where the sixteen year old victim was stabbed repeatedly, placed inside of a vehicle and set on fire. Maricela Diaz would be … Read more

Michael Campbell Teen Killer Murders Online Girlfriend

michael campbell photos

Michael Campbell was seventeen years old when he murdered a sixteen year old girl he had met for the first time. According to court documents Michael Campbell and Shayna Ritthaler met on an online dating website and soon after started to date online. The two made plans for Shayna Ritthaler to run away and live … Read more