william cornick photos

Will Cornick Teen Killer Murders Teacher

Wil Cornick was a fifteen year old from England who would murder his Spanish teacher in class. According to court documents Will Cornick was upset that his Spanish teacher Ann McGuire attempted to ban him from a school trip due to not completing his homework. Eventually this teen killer would be allowed to go on […]

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connor doran brandon doran simon evans photos

Connor And Brandon Doran Teen Killers Murders Homeless Man

Brothers Connor and Brandon Doran along with a fourteen year old friend Simon Evans would beat a homeless man to death in Liverpool England. According to court documents these teen killers were walking around Liverpool late at night when they came across the victim sleeping in the streets. The three teenagers would proceed to beat […]

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Thomas Griffiths Photos

Thomas Griffiths Teen Killer Murders Ellie Gould

Thomas Griffiths a teenager from England has admitted to the murder of seventeen year old Ellie Gould. According to court documents Thomas was over at the home of Ellie Gould when he brutally attacked the teenage girl stabbing her to death. This teen killer would plead guilty to the murder and will be sentenced later […]

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Lorraine Thorpe photos

Lorraine Thorpe Teen Killer Murders 2 In England

Lorraine Thorpe was just fifteen years old when she murdered her father and another woman. The would be serial killer was finally arrested and shocked England. According to court documents the deranged couple would then abduct a woman and would torture her for two days before actually killing her. When Lorraine caregiver made a threat […]

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Joanna Dennehy photos

Joanna Dennehy Serial Killer – The Ditch Murders

Joanna Dennehy is a woman from Britain who was convicted of three murders where all of the victims were found in a ditch near Peterborough England.  According to court documents Joanna Dennehy first victim was found March 30 2013 and four days later two more victims bodies were found.  All of the victims were male […]

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Peter Sutcliffe mugshot photos

Peter Sutcliffe Serial Killer – England’s Worst Recent Killer

Peter Sutcliffe is one of the worst serial killers in England history with thirteen confirmed murders and he is suspected of many more. Peter would start his killing and attacking women in residential areas but would soon switch to red light districts as sex workers could go missing without much fanfare. Sutcliffe normal plan of […]

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Ayman Aziz photos

Ayman Aziz Teen Killer Murdered Viktorija Sokolova

Ayman Aziz was sixteen years old when he sexually assaulted and murdered a fourteen year old girl. According to court documents This teen killer lured fourteen year old Viktorija Sokolova to a park on the basis of just wanting to talk and smoke weed however the teen killer had much darker plans. This Ayman Aziz would […]

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Robert Thompson and Jon Venables teen killers

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables Teen Killers Murder 2 Year Old In England

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables murdered a little boy that shook the world. According to court documents Robert and Jon who were both ten at the time, lured two year old James Bulger away from his mother. The two pre teen killers would torture the child before murdering him by dropping a heavy metal bar […]

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Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards mugshot photos

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards Teen Killers Murder Mother And Sister

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards were fifteen years old when they would murder Kims mother and her sister. According to court documents the two teen killers decided to murder Kim’s mom and sister because they thought the mother wanted to break up the pair. The thirteen year old sister was collateral damage. Lucas would stab […]

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