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Robert Maudsley The Man In The Glass Cage

Robert Maudsley

Robert Maudsley is a serial killer from England that is believed to be so dangerous that he is kept in a glass cage in the basement of the prison he calls home. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a look at Robert Maudsley the serial killer who has been called Hannibal The Cannibal.

Robert Maudsley Early Life

Robert Maudsley was sexually abused when he was a young child that lead to a host of mental health issues. When Robert Maudsley was still a teenager he would confess to a psychiatrist that voices in his head told him to murder his parents. In order to support himself Robert Maudsley would work as a sex worker in London.

Robert Maudsley First Murder

When Robert Maudsley was working as a sex worker he was picked up by John Farrell who according to Maudsley would show him photos of children that he abused. Robert Maudsley would murder him by garrote. Maudsley would turn himself over to police telling them what he did and that he needed psychiatric care. Robert would be found unfit to stand trial and sent to the notorious Broadmoor Hospital.

Robert Maudsley Prison Murders

While at Broadmoor Hospital Robert Maudsley and another patient, David Cheeseman would lock themselves in a cell with another prison, David Francis, who was a convicted child molester. For nine hours the two men would torture and finally kill Francis.

Robert Maudsley would be transferred from Broadmoor Hospital to Wakefield prison after he was convicted of manslaughter for the death of David Francis. Maudsley would complain to prison staff about the transfer and that he wanted to be sent back to Broadmoor. Prison officials would deny his request. Robert Maudsley would respond by killing two inmates on the same day in 1978.

The first inmate to be murdered was a child rapist who Robert Maudsley would lure into his cell before killing him with a garrote and stabbing him repeatedly. Maudsley attempted to lure other prisoners into his cell but no one would go in. Robert Maudsley would then search the prison for his next victim who was convicted of killing his wife. Maudsley would stab the man repeated before smashing his skull against the wall. Robert would then walk to the officer’s desk and put his knife down before telling the officer his count was going to be two short.

Robert Maudsley Glass Cell

After a series of violent incidents authorities in the England prison system deemed Robert Maudsley to dangerous to be housed with other inmates. A cell was built in the basement of the prison where the front of the cell in a glass wall (think Silence Of The Lambs – Hannibal Lector’s cell). Robert Maudsley has been housed in this special management cell for nearly forty years and is now the longest serving prisoner in England. Robert Maudsley has attempted to go back to the regular prison population through the court system however his requests were denied and was told by the judge he is no longer allowed to appeal his decision.

Robert Maudsley More News

The UK’s “Hannibal the Cannibal” serial killer will die in an underground glass box after having his Christmas appeal for freedom refused.

Serial killer Robert Maudsley was told this week he will be incarcerated in his own glass cell until he dies.

He has also been banned from making any further appeals against the decision.

The 68-year-old, who is known as Britain’s most dangerous prisoner, appealed to be allowed to spend the rest of his prison days with the “general population”.

But chiefs ruled him too dangerous to mix with prisoners and guards at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire, the Daily Star reports.

Robert Maudsley, who murdered child molesters, will now spend the rest of his life, 23 hours a day, locked alone inside a glass box beneath the jail.

He sleeps on a concrete slab, uses a toilet and sink bolted to the floor and has a table and chair made of compressed cardboard.

An insider told the Daily Star: “He was told no last month but appealed against the decision and wanted to spend Christmas in the presence of other humans. But he’s just been told no for the final time.

“Being alone for that long does something to you. He isn’t OK and they cannot take the risk of what he might do.

“They simply cannot take the risk.”

Maudsley’s underground cell is a specially constructed 5.5 metres by 4.5 metre space with bullet proof glass cage that was built in 1983, nearly ten years after his prison sentence began.

The convicted killer, from Toxteth, Liverpool, was just 21 when he committed his first murder in 1974.

He was jailed for killing a number of people, including John Farrell after he’d showed him photos of children he’d abused.

The murder of John Farrell was so violent, cops named him “blue” because of the colour of his face.

When he was first locked up, Maudsley was sent to Broadmoor Hospital, which houses some of the UK’s most violent prisoners.

After three relatively quiet years behind bars, he seized an opportunity to attack child molester David Francis in 1977, with the help of fellow prisoner David Cheeseman.

The pair tortured him to death before dangling his body for prison guards to see.

In 1978, Maudsley strangled and stabbed Salney Darwood, a 46-year-old who was locked up for killing his wife.

After hiding Darwood’s body under a bed, he then crept into the cell of Bill Roberts, 56, who had sexually abused a seven-year-old girl.

He stabbed Roberts, hacked his skull with a makeshift dagger and smashed his head against a wall.

This isn’t the first time Maudsley has appealed to have a different life to the one he has now

In 2000, he begged the courts to allow him to die.

He wrote in a letter: “What purpose is served by keeping me locked up 23 hours a day?

“Why even bother to feed me and to give me one hour’s exercise a day? Who actually am I a risk to?

“As a consequence of my current treatment and confinement, I feel that all I have to look forward to is indeed psychological breakdown, mental illness and probable suicide.

“Why can’t I have a budgie instead of flies, cockroaches and spiders which I currently have. I promise to love it and not eat it?

“Why can’t I have a television in my cell to see the world and learn? Why can’t I have any music tapes and listen to beautiful classical music?

“If the Prison Service says no then I ask for a simple cyanide capsule which I shall willingly take and the problem of Robert John Maudsley can easily and swiftly be resolved.”

The Ministry of Justice said it does not comment on the cases of individual prisoners.

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