Ray And Faye Copeland Serial Killers

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Ray and Faye Copeland are unusual for a couple of reasons when it comes to serial killers. The first being their age as both were in their late sixties when the murders took place and the second being couple serial killers are rare.

Ray and Faye grew up in the Great Depression and obviously things were tight. The two would meet and get married soon after in 1940. Ray Copeland was a thief and a scam artist and everyone in the area knew it so they had to move around a lot. One of the scams they used was to hire migrant workers who would pass fake checks at cattle auctions.

What people began to notice is that once one of the farmhands would pass the bad check he would disappear. Soon enough the police figured out what Ray Copeland was doing and he was sent back to jail again for fraud

A former employee made a call to police about finding human bones on the Copeland farm and when police investigated they would find the remains of three young men. Ray and Faye Copeland would be arrested in 1989.

When they went to trial Ray and Faye would both be convicted on five counts of murder and both would be sentenced to death, at that time they would be the oldest couple sentenced to die.

Ray Copeland would die from natural causes a few years later. Faye Copeland death sentence would be later commuted to five life sentences with no parole. Faye would suffer a serious stroke in 2002 and the Missouri Governor would grant a medical parole. Faye Copeland would die a short time later.

The Copeland’s would be convicted on five murders however it is believed that they may have had as many as twelve victims.

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