Perez Reed Charged With 6 Murders

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Perez Reed a suspected serial killer has now been charged with six murders. According to police Perez Reed who was initially charged with four murders in Missouri is now facing two more murder charges in Kansas. Below is Perez Reed timeline

Perez Reed Timeline

September 12 – Perez Reed would shoot a man several times in the chest. The man would survive

September 13 – Reed would shoot and kill 16-year-old Marnay Haynes

September 16 – Perez would shoot a woman in the face who thankfully would survive her injuries. That same day police would find the body of 49 year old Pamela Abercrombie

September 18 – Police believe that Perez shot and killed Carey Ross whose body would be found on the 19th

September 26 – Perez Reed would shoot and kill Lester Robinson

October 28 – Perez Reed would travel from St Louis to Kansas City where he would murder 35-year-old Damon Irvin

October 29 – Police would find the body of  25-year-old Rau’Daja Fairrow

Is Perez Reed A Serial Killer

The FBI who has been investigating the Perez Reed murders have been hesitant to name him a serial killer as he is not following the normal behavior of such behavior. Of course normally when someone is a spree killer all of the murders would have taken place during the same day. In the end it does not really matter what he is classified as for six people have lost their lives.

Perez Reed More News

A suspected serial killer accused of four homicides in Missouri was charged Thursday with two more counts of first-degree murder in Kansas, authorities said.

Perez Reed, 26, was accused of killing two people identified by police in Kansas City, Kansas, as Damon Irvin and Rau’daja Fairrow at an apartment complex in late October.

Authorities discovered their bodies while conducting a welfare check.

Reed, who was arrested Nov. 5 in Independence, Missouri, has also been charged with four counts of first-degree murder in the city and county of St. Louis, court records show.

He faces multiple allegations of assault and armed criminal action, as well as a federal weapons charge.

When Reed was arrested, he had a .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol, a caliber federal investigators said matched shell casings found at unsolved shootings in and around St. Louis, the FBI said in a statement.

The FBI added that the victims found in Kansas City were shot and killed in a manner “consistent” with the St. Louis shootings.

The four Missouri victims were shot in the head on separate days in September. They have been identified as Marnay Haynes, 16; Lester Robinson, 40; Pamela Abercrombie, 49; and Carey Ross, 24.

St. Louis County Lt. Craig Longworth has said there was no known connection between the victims.

A possible motive wasn’t immediately clear. Reed, who was being held on $2 million bond, has denied hurting anyone, according to an affidavit.

The public defender’s office in St. Louis, which is representing Reed, couldn’t immediately be reached. It wasn’t clear if he had a lawyer in the Kansas City cases

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