Willy Suarez Maceo Alleged Serial Killer Charged With 2 Murders

Willy Suarez Maceo

Willy Suarez Maceo is the latest alleged serial killer from Florida as he has just been charged with two counts of murder. According to police reports Willy Suarez Maceo, who was working as a realtor in Florida, would drive around in his black Dodge Charger and fire a 9mm gun at homeless people sleeping on the street. According to Miami police Willy Suarez Maceo had fired at two homeless people the same night killing one and injuring the second. Bullet casing found at the scenes would match. Willy Suarez Maceo who was initially charged with attempted murder back in December 2021 has now had two counts of murder added to the charges he is facing and police continue to look for more victims.

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The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office officially charged real estate agent Willy Suarez Maceo with two first-degree murders, one attempted murder and one attempted premeditated murder, labeling him a serial killer.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle spoke at a news conference to discuss the case, where numerous surveillance videos were shown.

It is chilling video showing a serial killer in action, according to prosecutors.

“Having an unknown killer striking out at random victims is like no other crime to solve,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said during a press conference announcing charges against 25-year-old Willy Suarez Maceo and showing video of how he was caught.

Suarez Maceo’s online profile showed a smiling, well-dressed professional real-estate agent and records revealed he had no criminal history in Florida.

On Oct. 16, 2021, at 9 p.m. in downtown Miami, a homeless man identified as Manuel Perez was stabbed to death.

Fernandez Rundle described what she said was Suarez Maceo’s first homicide.

“Manuel Perez was homeless and he had been sleeping outside on the sidewalk at the time of the stabbing. Two witnesses heard Mr. Perez yelling, ‘Help, help.’ One witness saw a man making an upward and downward movement as if striking the victim. The man was described as a thin built, Black male, 26 to 27 years of age, short hair, clean-shaven, and wearing a black T-shirt. Surveillance video from a nearby business captured a clear picture of an individual matching that description,” Fernandez Rundle said.

Another surveillance camera from a local business shows the man walking towards the area where the scene of the crime took place. Fernandez Rundle pointed out that there was a very clear picture of the suspect, later identified as Suarez Maceo.

Despite the video, detectives couldn’t identify the man.

“The homicide investigation went cold,” Fernandez Rundle said.

But the suspect struck again. On Dec. 21, 2021, a homeless man was shot and bleeding from the head. He survived. A bullet casing was found and also a set of footprints.

Fernandez Rundle said it was the third incident that broke the case. Two hours later, Jerome Price, who was identified as homeless and sleeping on the ground was shot five times and five 9mm bullet casings were found.

On surveillance video, a black Dodge Charger drove by, and then the video captured flashes from a gun.

“When the police get that video they are then able to catch the last three digits of the (license) tag,” Fernandez Rundle said.

Detectives were able to piece together the full license plate from close circuit television cameras in the area.

“This was a key break to start stripping away at the anonymity of this alleged mystery killer,” Fernandez Rundle said. “That tag number came back to a 2015 black Dodge Charger.” She said a connection with the car was also noted in the unsolved October killing of Manuel Perez. The Charger was also seen circling in the area before Price’s shooting.

The car was registered to Willy Suarez Maceo. Detectives showed up at the real-estate agent’s work where they saw him sitting in the car outside of his place of business. Police stopped him as he exited the vehicle. In the midst of a patdown, a loaded black Glock 19 9 mm handgun was found in the right front waistband of Suarez Maceo’s pants.

The firearm was connected to the spent 9mm casings that were recovered next to Price’s body and another victim, according to Fernandez Rundle.


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