Brook Lank Charged In Anthony Lofton Murder

brook lank
brook lank

Brook Lank is a woman from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend Anthony Lofton. According to police reports Brook Lank and Anthony Lofton were inside of a car on the way to a drug deal when an argument broke out. Well Brook Lank would pull out a gun and fatally shoot Anthony Lofton in the head. Brook Lank would later drop off her boyfriend’s body in a back alley before taking off in the vehicle. When Brook Lank was arrested she would admit to the shooting and told investigators that she did a poor job of cleaning the car. Brook Lank has been charged with charged with individual counts of criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse 

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A Pittsburgh woman was charged Monday with killing her boyfriend and dumping his body in a McKees Rocks alleyway, police said. 

Brook Lank, 24, is charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse in the killing of 22-year-old Anthony Lofton, also of Pittsburgh.

Mr. Lofton was found dead in an alleyway behind a residence in the 300 block of Russellwood Avenue on Sunday morning, according to police and the county medical examiner. Police said he had been shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to a criminal complaint, Ms. Lank told police that she shot Mr. Lofton in the head while she was driving a Ford Taurus. Mr. Lofton was in the passenger’s seat.

The couple had been fighting, the complaint said, and Ms. Lank told police Mr. Lofton threatened her with a gun and took her car the night before the homicide. 

Ms. Lank said Mr. Lofton had asked her Sunday to drive to McKeesport so he could make a drug deal, but during the drive, the couple began to fight. 

According to the complaint, Ms. Lank said she reached for Mr. Lofton’s gun and shot him in the head. When she noticed he was still breathing, she shot him two more times. 

Ms. Lank told police she panicked and threw the gun out the window. She then dumped Mr. Lofton’s body in Derby Alley. 

“I obviously didn’t do a very good job,” Ms. Lank told police about her attempt to clean up the evidence. 

According to the complaint, Germell Phillips helped Ms. Lank dump Mr. Lofton’s body. Mr. Phillips told police that Ms. Lank called him to “help her and go for a ride.” While in the vehicle, Mr. Phillips said he thought Mr. Lofton was asleep until Ms. Lank asked him to move his body. 

Mr. Phillips said Ms. Lank told him Mr. Lofton had threatened her with a gun, and that she had to shoot him. Mr. Phillips has not been charged with a crime. 

Ms. Lank was arrested Monday and is being held in the Allegheny County Jail.

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